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These are some of our most frequently asked questions.

If there is something you can’t find here please email or call (435) 634-5747 and we would be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

What is there for families with children to do in your area?

Please visit our “Things to do for Families” page for some fun family ideas.

Where can I go boating / fishing in the area?

Quail Creek ReservoirSand Hollow State ParkGunlock Reservoir; Pine Valley ReservoirEnterprise Reservoir and Kolob Reservoir. There are also seven urban fishing ponds in the surrounding area.

Where are the ATV trails located in your area?

Sand Hollow State Park and on open BLM land, please call: (435) 688-3200 for more information on these areas.

Where are the best accommodations in the area?

Visit the hotel page of our website. For a more comprehensive list please see our vacation planner pages 41-45 for a full list of accommodations including campgrounds.

I am visiting Zion, would it be better to stay in St. George or Zion?

It depends on the length of stay, activities you want to participate in, and other travel plans you may have. St. George is a larger area than the Zion National Park area with more accessibility to shoppingrecreational activitiestheater, and dining options.

Springdale is a small town leading into Zion National Park with walk able, boutique-type stores, good restaurants and evening entertainment at the outdoor Tanner Amphitheater and the Bumbleberry Theater , which is a 50’s / 60’s music venue.

Can I visit Bryce and Zion together in one day?

You can visit both Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, but it makes for a long day and is not really recommended. There is so much to see and do at both parks that you will be missing out if you decide to rush your trip.

Can I drive through Zion?

Yes, Hwy 9, which is a very picturesque drive, goes all the way through Zion and is open year-round. However, vehicles over 13’1”, semi-trucks & commercial vehicles, vehicles carrying hazardous material, vehicles weighing 50,000 lbs or more, and any vehicle of a combined length of 50’ or more are all prohibited and may not drive through Zion National Park.

I understand that through the summer months the only way to visit parts of Zion is by shuttle, is that true? Is there a charge for the shuttle? Are shuttles handicapped accessible?

Yes. The Zion Canyon scenic drive which accesses the walking/hiking trailheads in Zion, is only accessible via the Zion shuttle from mid-March through the end of November. The rest of the year it is accessible via personal transportation.

There is NO charge for using the shuttle service; it is included in your entrance fees into the park.

All of the shuttles, which run on a 7-15 minute schedule, are handicapped accessible and can accommodate most scooters. Please note, however, that the only trailheads that are handicapped accessible are: the Riverwalk Trail and the Pa’rus Trail.

If I catch the shuttle in Springdale and take it into Zion, will I have to pay an entrance fee?

Yes. The Springdale shuttle, which runs through the town of Springdale is free, and will drop you off at the Zion National Park visitor area where you will catch another shuttle into Zion. Before boarding the Zion shuttle, you will need to pay a fee of $12.00 per person or $24.00 for two people. If you are with a group or a family of three or more, you will only be charged $25.00 (for your group/family), which is the same fee for a vehicle enter the park.

What is the weather like?

Please visit our weather page for current and average weather. is also a great resource for up-to-date weather information.

Where can we go tubing in your area?

The only place to go tubing in the area is in Springdale on the Virgin River.

Where can we camp in the area?

Pine Mountain, Red Cliff Reserve, Zion, Kolob Reservoir, Quail Creek, Sand Hollow State Park, Snow Canyon State Park, Enterprise Reservoir, Gunlock State Park, and Baker Reservoir, and on open BLM lands.

Please visit our camping page or our planner pg. 45 for more detailed information.

Can you provide me with the Camping / RV Parks in St. George? Zion?

Please refer to our Vacation Planner pg. 45 for a comprehensive list of camping and RV locations in the area.

What are road and weather conditions at the North Rim and Lake Powell and going up to Bryce like?

For road conditions within Utah, call: 1-866-511-8824 or go to  For Arizona road conditions call: 1-888-411-7623 or go to

For more information on the North Rim you can contact the Kaibab Visitor Center at Jacobs Lake, AZ., (928) 6443-7298 or the Ranger Station in Fredonia, AZ (928)643-7395 or 1-800-365-2267.

For more information on Lake Powell contact the Page, AZ Chamber of Commerce at: 1-888-261-7243 or (928) 645-2741 or go to their website.

Can I go to the North Rim/Lake Powell from St. George in one day and back?

You can’t do BOTH in one day, but you can go to the North Rim and come back in one day. You can also go to Lake Powell and come back in one day, but it does make for a long day.

We’re having a family reunion can you recommend a resort in your area to host it at?

St. George does not presently have any resorts, but the Green Gate Village-Historic Inn in downtown St. George is a great place for a reunion stay. The cabins at Zion National Park Lodge would be nice for a reunion event. There are also many nice hotels in the area that could accommodate reunions and smaller events.

We’d like some place with cabins, where can we stay that would have cabins?

Zion National Park Lodge, (888)297-2757.

Where can I river raft, canoe, or ride the rapids in your area?

While we have many other fun activities in this area, our local rivers and waterways do not accommodate these types of water recreation.

What transportation service is available to Zion? Bryce? From St. George.

Please refer to our transportation page.

I’m coming to St. George without a car, what transportation is available to get around town and see the sights?

Please visit our transportation page.

What kind of night life is available in St. George?

We have movie theaters, restaurants, a bowling alleylive local entertainment, and nightly Broadway productions at our outdoor amphitheater at Tuacahn (June-October).

Is there horseback riding in your area?

Yes, please refer to our Horseback Riding adventure page.

Where can I purchase alcohol?

At the local State Liquor Store, at many local restaurants, and beer is sold in most grocery stores. For a complete list including bars, breweries, and restaurants that serve alcohol, visit our Bars & Breweries page.

Can I fly into St. George?

Yes, but only through a connector flight into the St. George Municipal Airport, (435)634-3480. For more information please visit our transportation page.

Is there an airport shuttle to St. George from either the Las Vegas airport or the Salt Lake City Airport?

Yes, there are shuttles to the St. George area from both airports.

AZTEC SHUTTLE services Salt Lake City/St. George 435-656-9040.

From Las Vegas the following shuttles service St. George:
ST. GEORGE SHUTTLE – (435) 628-8320 / 800-933-8320
ST. GEORGE EXPRESS – (435) 652-1100