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Greater Zion is not only home to one of the most beautiful National Parks in the country …

… it is within an hour of some of the most beautiful state parks and recreation areas in the country.

These maps will help you get oriented, find what you are looking for, and effectively plan all the stops during your trip.

Map of Utah
Illustrated Map of St. George, Utah

To give you an idea of some travel times – St. George is just 1.5 hours north of Las Vegas and four hours south of Salt Lake City on I-15. Zion National Park, Kolob and Snow Canyons are all within an hour’s drive, with Bryce Canyon about two hours away, and Lake Powell and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon approximately three hours by car.

Miles to National Parks

ArchesBryce CanyonCanyonlandsCapitol ReefZion
Albuquerque, NM392mi482mi382mi464mi504mi
Cedar City, UT283mi79mi362mi149mi59mi
Denver, CO350mi568mi129mi437mi637mi
Los Angeles, CA723mi527mi730mi620mi428mi
Las Vegas, NV454mi250mi533mi320mi160mi
Moab, UT6mi277mi74mi147mi346mi
Monticello, UT60mi284mi49mi132mi363mi
Monument Valley, UT148mi217mi137mi184mi243mi
Page, AZ280mi89mi289mi181mi116mi
Phoenix, AZ473mi366mi432mi458mi387mi
Salt Lake City, UT229mi270mi308mi222mi309mi
San Diego, CA784mi589mi795mi681mi489mi
St. George, UT335mi131mi414mi201mi42mi

Miles to Regional Cities

Cedar CityMoabMonticelloMonument ValleySalt Lake CitySt. George
Albuquerque, NM550mi387mi332mi340mi621mi528mi
Denver, CO579mi355mi405mi516mi534mi631mi
Los Angeles, CA440mi725mi735mi638mi689mi388mi
Las Vegas, NV171mi458mi537mi404mi421mi120mi
Page, AZ154mi274mi224mi129mi352mi154mi
Phoenix, AZ134mi468mi418mi322mi628mi406mi
San Diego, CA500mi787mi757mi660mi750mi449mi