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Greater Zion has something for everyone in the realm of hiking

So whether you are looking for a grueling 12-mile hike into the solitude of nature or a fun two-mile hike for the whole family, Greater Zion won’t disappoint. Below is a link to hikes the area has to offer.

Instagram post 18051373786160035 The Arch Trail in the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area is the biggest little hike you will ever experience. So many cool things to see on a two-mile hike! #greaterzion #keephiking #stonearch
Instagram post 17984959051258973 When you’re in Greater Zion, you don’t have to deal with FOMO because you’re already doing the best thing there is to do.  #greaterzion #fomo #besthiking #natureisbest #natureatitsbest
Instagram post 18043571155134114 Some places require you to really hunt for cool hikes. In Greater Zion, you can look in almost any direction and find an incredible trail. 
Photo by @carradventure
#greaterzion #featurefriday #hikegreaterzion
Instagram post 18051812377043433 The Narrows in Zion are a once-in-a-lifetime kind of hike, but if you are hoping to hike them, you should plan for late summer or fall. Spring runoff often causes the trail to be closed due to high-water danger.
#thenarrows #Zionnationalpark #coldwater #river
Instagram post 17986647418209084 The best things in life are found on the path less traveled. Come hike, bike or camp on Smithsonian Butte and enjoy views that are out of this world. #hikingadventures #getcamping #havebikewilltravel #roomwithaview Photo by @benhortonphoto
Instagram post 18028122988067976 Red Cliffs Recreation Area is incredible! It’s got camping sites, dinosaur tracks, native American petroglyphs and dwelling ruins, as well as slot canyons. ⠀
#redcliffs #petroglyph #slotcanyons #desertfun #getbusylivin
Instagram post 18003113827191419 Looking for a perfect spot to take in the sunset and snap a few pictures? Try Scout Cave Trail. Link in bio for more info.⠀
#featurefriday #inspired #desertsunset #utahphotograph #stgeorge #utah ⠀
Photo by @apapuga

A trip to the St. George and Springdale areas can easily be justified with a single hike in Zion National Park or Snow Canyon State Park. They are that good! It’s truly a unique experience you won’t find elsewhere.

But go greater! Go explore ALL Greater Zion has to offer. Take the path less traveled too.

The beautiful red and orange rocks burst and break into mountains, canyons, buttes and gorges that make for some great hiking. It’s amazing to see what nature is capable of.