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The Greater Zion Visitor Center is a must for anyone interested in exploring the natural wonders of southwest Utah.

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Greater Zion Tourism Report – 2022

Greater Zion Tourism Report – July 2022

July 2022

Greater Zion Tourism Report – May 2022

May 2022

St. George Chamber Of Commerce: Welcoming The World: Ironman Preview Luncheon

April 2022

IRONMAN events have generated nearly $120 million in economic impact to our region over the past 10 years. The World Championship will bring another $25 million in just one week. Leaders are saying this may be the biggest event to happen in the state since the 2002 Winter Olympics.
Read an engaging presentation to learn what it all means to you and your business. Get the latest updates, insights and business tips for how to join in the opportunities and be part of the success.

Greater Zion Marketing Series: Get These Million Visitors to Your Biz

March 2022

Presented by LOVE Communications – In preparation for hosting two IRONMAN World Championships in 2022, is your business prepared to reach athletes when they show up? Learn grassroots, organic and paid media strategies that will reach athletes and visitors and bring them into your business. Read how to maximize your Google and Tripadvisor listings, how to target athletes through organic and paid social media efforts, and learn what opportunities exist with the local media, and the Greater Zion Convention & Tourism Office.

The Greater Zion Convention and Tourism Office is a transient-room-tax-funded entity of Washington County, Utah.

And as we promote this lovely area, we promote and encourage our partners in their work in tourism. To do that, we’ve established this page as a go-to for industry-related news, updates and opportunities. We seek to keep you informed of tourism news and reports and also to keep you connected, educated and united in showcasing all Greater Zion has to offer.

Use the menu to navigate through the offerings. The page is a work in progress and will grow to offer more in the coming months. Thank you for being a part of Greater Zion.

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