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State Parks

Snow Canyon State Park

Greater Zion State Parks

Some of the best scenery and recreation in the country can be found in Greater Zion, specifically in the four state parks that span our landscape. Each park provides its own brand of outdoor recreation. From the crystal blue waters of Quail Creek Reservoir to the 16,000 acres of OHV riding on Sand Mountain, you’l find just about any kind of outdoor activity you can think of.

Instagram post 17883838435394414 Greater Zion isn’t all high-adrenaline adventures. Sometimes you just have to take it easy in a hammock and relax. 
Photo by: @civilmatador #greaterzion #hammocktime #sunset  #featurefriday
Instagram post 17845683178552840 Water sport season is in full swing in Greater Zion and we can’t recommend enough paddleboarding at Quail Creek State Park. #funinthewater #greaterzion #SUP #watersports #summerfun
Instagram post 17915208163317602 As Greater Zion heads into monsoon season, it’s important to avoid the slot canyons when rain is forecast. It’s not all bad news though, as other hikes like Petrified Sand Dunes in Snow Canyon State Park actually evolve some rarely seen features. #greaterzion #staysafe #hiking #snowcanyonstatepark #waterfeatures
Instagram post 17853180739477179 If your friends jumped off a cliff into Sand Hollow Reservoir, would you?! When it’s this much fun, yeah probably!
Photo by: @jaydelorae #cliffjumping #sandhollowstatepark #divein #summerfun #peerpreasure
Instagram post 18005873365218402 We hold a black belt in summer fun. Head on over to Gunlock State Park and rent a kayak from @digpaddlesports to enjoy those calm, beautiful waters. #greaterzion #watersports #kayak #gunlockstatepark #summerfun @gunlocksp

It’s hard to find a place that offers the variety of activity available here. The area’s mild climate provides ideal conditions for year-round camping, hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and fishing. Water sports start early in the year at the three reservoirs and the season extends late into the fall. The contrasting terrain is ideal for world-renowned adventure, and opportunities abound for both the casual and the extreme.

Make the most of your time in Greater Zion and discover some of the gems these stunning parks have to offer.