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Today’s Forecast

Weather in St. George, Zion National Park, and the surrounding areas.

Weather in St. George

  clear sky  36.8 °F   62.9 °F   20 %   1.0 mph

Weather in Hurricane Valley

  clear sky   36.8 °F   61.4 °F   20 %   1.0 mph

Weather in Sprindale / Zion National Park

  clear sky  38.0 °F   62.1 °F   20 %   2.0 mph

Weather in Alpine

  clear sky   35.7 °F   59.8 °F   20 %   7.0 mph

Yearly Averages

Avg. Temp39°44°51°60°68°77°82°82°73°60°48°39°
Avg. High53°59°67°76°85°96°101°99°92°80°64°53°
Avg. Rain1.1″1.0″

Avg. Snow1.4″0.7″0.2″0.0″0.0″0.0″0.0″0.0″0.0″0.0″0.3″0.9″


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