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Zion National Park

Due to unusual amounts of precipitation in the area, Zion National Park is experiencing some limited closures. Stay tuned here and to their alerts page for the latest visitor information. The park is still accessible, but also consider activities beyond the park. See below for “Hidden Gems & Zion Alternatives.”

Trail Closures

The Upper Emerald Pools Trail, Hidden Canyon, and Observation Point (from Weeping Rock) are closed due to rockfall and storm damage. The Kayenta trail is closed after 0.8 miles. The Weeping Rock Trail and shuttle stop #7 are closed due to recent rockfall.

Other Closures

BLM Temporarily Closes Virgin River Canyon Recreation Area Campground

The BLM Arizona Strip Field Office has temporarily closed the Virgin River Canyon Recreation Area campground in order to complete necessary renovations of the restrooms and other infrastructure to ensure the health and safety of visitors.

Once renovations are complete, the BLM will notify the public of the reopening of the campground through its website and notice to media outlets. We anticipate the renovations will be complete by January 2020.

This temporary closure does not apply to contractors, law enforcement or other agency personnel overseeing renovations or other activities. The site and facilities will continue to be patrolled by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office as well as BLM law enforcement and staff throughout the duration of the closure to ensure the health and safety of the public.

For additional information, please contact the Arizona Strip Field Office at 435-688-3200.