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The Greater Zion Visitor Center is a must for anyone interested in exploring the natural wonders of southwest Utah.

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Land of Forever™

Minimize Your Impact. Maximize Your Experience.

Greater Zion has a way of permanently changing people. The towering red cliffs, wind-carved canyons, and heart-stopping vistas keep this a place of unparalleled inspiration, reflection, and serenity.

The experience is transformative. When you visit, you become a part of this land. 

Finding an adventure here as unique as you are is easy — so is preserving Greater Zion for future generations to explore. Before you mount the bike rack, fuel the engine or fill the hydration pack, take note of the best ways to recreate responsibly. Help this spellbinding landscape last as long as the impressions it leaves by keeping Greater Zion the Land of Forever™.

8 Easy Ways You Can Help

Do Your Research

Exploring the details prevents unwanted surprises, especially in a place you haven’t visited before.

Act Responsibly

Investing the extra effort to travel responsibly is the only way we can reduce our impact.

Plan Accordingly

Making reservations ahead of time can be the key to promising your trip goes as planned.

Be Courteous

Greet everyone you encounter with kindness, patience and understanding.

Prepare Daily

Having the right supplies makes the journey worthwhile and could tide you over in a tight spot.

Experience More

Finding the Greater parts of Greater Zion is the secret to really discovering this place.

Have Fun, Safely

The truth is there won’t always be directions or safety rails. It’s up to you.

Get Invested

If you love it here, join a movement to support Greater Zion’s lands and communities.

Local Lore: The Land of Reverence

Many locals here have deep roots. Some venture away, but most come back. One thing they all have in common? A deep connection to this terrain paired with a sense of ownership.

Gooseberry Mesa Yurts

Add These Hikes to Your Itinerary

Petrified Dunes Trail

A lightly-trafficked hike in Snow Canyon that is perfect for family hikers and young scramblers. A short trail leads to rolling hills of petrified dunes that are perfect for exploring. Stay for a while to take in the scenic views of Snow Canyon.

Yant Flat

A stunning swathe of rolling sandstone hills near Red Cliffs National Recreation Area that you simply can’t miss. Although this is a relatively short day hike, you’ll want to take your time and plenty of pictures.

Water Canyon

A moderate hike into a narrowing canyon that many liken to Zion’s Narrows hike. Be ready for small creek crossings, towering cliff walls, and a climactic waterfall at the end of the canyon.

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We’re So Much More Than Zion

Indulge in paths less traveled. Just outside the boundaries of Zion National Park, another world exists — one with spell-binding scenery and outdoor activities, as well as local eateries, boutiques, and galleries. 

Man hiking in the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area

How to Prepare For a Desert Trip

Explore the special considerations you should take in preparing for your Greater Zion adventure.

Men horseback riding in Snow Canyon State Park

Who Is Greater Zion For?

Sure, Greater Zion is packed full of adventure, but you don’t have to be a devoted athlete to enjoy your visit.

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Ways You Can Help

Fully immerse yourself in the Greater Zion experience by helping to keep this the Land of ForeverTM.

Taken looking from the edge of Scout Overlook heading up to the peak of Angels Landing!

The Best Trails Near Zion National Park

Explore a few popular trails in Zion National Park and discover new favorites nearby.


Take The Pledge

Taking the pledge not only helps to preserve a world-class outdoor destination, it’s a step toward helping others have a more meaningful visit. You in? Help us preserve the Land of Forever™.


Forever Mighty

The entire state of Utah is committed to taking care of one another and our lands. See stories from across the state about how we can maximize our experiences while minimizing impact.


Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace set out to define seven simple principles to that apply to every outdoor experience. If you’re new to nature and inspired to recreate responsibly, start by exploring these resources.