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The Greater Zion Visitor Center is a must for anyone interested in exploring the natural wonders of southwest Utah.

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Things to Do in Greater Zion

Zion National Park and the surrounding Greater Zion region give individuals the experience of a lifetime. A landscape that exists nowhere else in the world with soaring red cliffs that swallow you whole. Luminescent blue water that cascades over the rich red soil. And more adventure than anyone can handle in just one trip. There’s so much to see here and the landscapes seem to speak to something deeper inside. This place is full of impossible beauty and new experiences await around every turn. But don’t take our word for it. Explore the many activities – from mountain biking to golf to OHV and Jeeping to hiking to water fun – that  immerse you in these magical landscapes.

aerial tours boy
Trio of UTVs at Sand Mountain
Two glowing tents surrounded by rock formations
Woman canyoneering near Zion National Park
Two men fishing in tree-lined mountain lake
jeep off raod snow canyon 032
Girls on kayak at Sand Hollow State Park
Mountain Biking Man
Woman Paddleboarding at Sand Hollow State Park
Woman with camera taking photos
Aerial view of Red Cliffs Recreational Area
Man cycling in Snow Canyon State Park
Rock climber at Snow Canyon State Park
Young family standing on ridge with wide view of rocky canyon
Scuba Diving
Man at Shooting Sports Park
Woman Sky Diving
Aerial view of Snow Canyon State Park
Wakeboarder at Sand Hollow State Park
Greater Zion Via Ferrata
Zion National Park
Man ziplining in Green Valley
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Flag on golf green with rugged red rocks in the background under a bright blue sky

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Red golf tee flag

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Two golf bags full of clubs

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