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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in Greater Zion

With sandstone, basalt, granite, and lava rock in canyons, alpine mountains, and sprawling deserts, Greater Zion perhaps offers the greatest variety of climbing opportunities found anywhere in the United States. Whether you’re a novice or someone who enjoys top roping, sport climbing, big wall multi-pitch, or bouldering, you’ve found the right place in Greater Zion.

Over 300 days of annual sunshine, mild winter temperatures, and optional higher elevation climbs combine to make this region the ultimate rock climbing experience. Climbing on rock, or even ice surfaces, give you the opportunity to explore incredible rock canyons, slot canyons, or beautiful high mountain crags in the backcountry.

Practice your climbing skills all year at St. George’s newest indoor climbing gym. Contact Climbing Yoga and Fitness is Greater Zion’s first full-service climbing gym, yoga studio and strength-training facility and it officially opens this Thursday. Take your training to the next level, regardless of weather.


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“A river cuts through a rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” -James N. Watkins


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Green Valley Gap offers tremendously easy access making it perfect for a quick climb. Unlike many climbing areas, the road leading to the Gap lands your vehicle at the top of the canyon with parking just 100 feet from the top anchors, perfect for top roping! There are many easy ways to scramble down the cliff to the base of the crag to lead climb as well.

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Zion National Park is now open for day climbing only; overnight climbing requiring bivouacs is currently prohibited. Climbers can access routes along the main canyon/Zion Canyon Scenic Drive by obtaining a shuttle ticket and riding the park shuttle up-canyon, obtaining a private commercial shuttle, bicycling, or walking.

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Where to Go – a few suggestions

Black Rocks Canyon

A short distance from St. George, hiding off State Highway 18, is a basalt rock canyon that is filled to the brim with great sport and top rope routes. With difficulties ranging from 5.7 to 5.12, there are 86 routes, offering enough variety to get your whole crew climbing comfortably and having a great time.

Moe’s Valley

Moe’s Valley is a bouldering paradise that has enough problems to keep you busy for your entire vacation in Greater Zion. Come prepared to work hard and be rewarded with excellent climbs and views. There are 193 routes – and that number just keeps growing. With routes that range from V2 to V13, there’s sure to be climbs in your range. Please keep to established walking paths to reduce the wear and tear on this popular climbing area.

Zion National Park

This is the big leagues. With huge canyon walls, you’ll be climbing thousands of feet, just like the legend Alex Honnold has done here. If big wall climbing isn’t for you, you can still enjoy a couple bouldering locations in Zion Canyon. Day climbing in Zion won’t require you to have a permit, but if you are going to be on the wall overnight in bivouacs, you will need a permit. For more information on the climbing in Zion and its regulations, visit their website.

Guides and Tours

Experienced guides will provide the locations and needed gear to get you climbing in Greater Zion. No matter your experience level, a guide will patiently instruct, provide the needed gear, and lead you to a safe and competent climb.

If you just need to pick up a few pieces of gear, visit the Desert Rat.