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Zion Canyoneering is one of the first adventures on our “must do” list.

Here, in the mecca of canyoneering, extremists have been descending Zion’s “Secret Canyons” for nearly 100 years. Just now, canyoneering is hitting the mainstream in the United States. Canyoneering or “canyoning”  is the fastest growing sport in Zion National Park, with hundreds of people making their way through the labyrinth of slots the Park offers. Some canyons are easy to descend and require no special skills at all; others require wilderness-level planning and training and offer immense physical and mental challenges. Whatever your state of readiness, there is a canyon in the desert awaiting you.

Southern Utah is full of incredible slot canyons created by the erosive forces of rivers, wind, and streams. Many of them are so narrow that adventurers can nearly touch both sides of the canyon walls with outstretched arms. In order to explore many of these wondrous canyons, a soul must trudge through ankle to waist-deep water, sometimes encountering strong currents with slippery rocks underneath. Other more challenging routes require rock climbing and rappelling. Zion National Park canyoneering is an enthusiast’s dream with places such as the Zion Narrows, The Subway, and Mystery Canyon, as well as smaller and lesser known slots like Pinecreek, Keyhole, and Fat Man’s Misery.

When you join one of these outfitters for a Southern Utah – Zion Canyoneering Adventure, you are in for a challenge, but also an enjoyable experience you will remember for the rest of your life! Don’t forget your camera, waterproof gear, and sense of adventure!