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Top Cool Treats for the Summer in Greater Zion

Cool Summer Treats in Greater Zion

Local foodie, Michele, from @stg_eats presents the Top Cool Treats for the Summer just in time for the warm, warm temps! Try one or try them all! 

Ice Cream Taco at Sweet Rolled Tacos

It’s fun to watch and even more fun to eat! Each taco is frozen and rolled right in front of you then carefully placed in a waffle-cone shell and topped with even more sweetness! 

Ice Cream Taco at Sweet Rolled Tacos
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Concrete at Nielsen’s Frozen Custard

This award-winning custard is smooth, rich, and creamy! A Concrete is crafted with their freshly made custard and many mix-in choices. Pro tip: try Raspberry Oreo!

Top Cool Treats Greater Zion 10
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Shave Ice from Famous Yeti Shave Ice

This is the only type of snow we truly enjoy in Greater Zion. It’s extra soft and there are plenty of flavors, toppings, and sizes to customize yours. Dare you to try the huge Famous Yeti.

Top Cool Treats Greater Zion 1
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Pie Shake from Lava Grill at Veyo Pool

This cool treat is made from a slice of pie from the popular Veyo Pies blended with ice cream. Not only is the shake fantastic, but so is the scenery. You’ll be eating this shake next to a beautiful pool located in an amazing canyon!

Top Cool Treats Greater Zion 6
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Lemonade Mint Supreme (Royden’s Lemonade) from Xetava

Pretty much the best drink of my life. This refreshing lemonade is blended with ice, vanilla, coconut, and fresh mint. When I say fresh I truly mean it; they pick the mint right there onsite while prepping it!

Top Cool Treats Greater Zion 3
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Gelata from Zeppe’s

What’s a Gelata you might ask? Custard + Italian Ice all in one! You get the best of both worlds with this frozen treat!

Top Cool Treats Greater Zion 8
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Fresh Fruit Smoothie at The Orange Peel

Wanting a healthier cool treat? Look no farther than the Orange Peel! This Best of State winner has so many good options, but the Big Red is my personal favorite!

Top Cool Treats Greater Zion 4
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Known for their soft cookies, but make it even better with a large scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two of them! 

Top Cool Treats Greater Zion 7
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Hand-Scooped Ice Cream from Rowley’s Red Barn Dixie

This fun barn is a unique place to get ice cream as well as gifts and fresh produce. They have lots of homemade ice cream choices! Another great cool treat is their Apple Cider Slush!

Top Cool Treats Greater Zion 11
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Glacier from Larsen’s Frostop

Larsen’s has been in St. George since 1965! This drive-in restaurant serves burgers, fries, sandwiches, and frozen treats! The Glacier is a mix of soft-serve ice cream and a slush. They’ve got tons of slush flavors you’ll drool over!

Top Cool Treats Greater Zion 9
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Visit Greater Zion’s Dining page to find more tasty delights and other cool treats for the summer!

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