Tips For Flying With A Mountain Bike

Traveling to different places on your mountain bike is a fun and challenging sport. This is a physical activity that everyone can enjoy. But instead of just going around your city, you can also take your mountain bike to another city or country, someplace like St. George. There are many cycling tournaments and competitions where you can meet bikers from other parts of the globe, these cycling events in southern Utah happen much more that you think, and are always well attended. 

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Before you fly with a mountain bike, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

1. Clean your bike and have the right case.

Before you take your mountain bike with you to a place like southern Utah, make sure to clean it. There are certain places that are really strict. To avoid your bike being impounded, you might as well clean your bike prior to packing. Once you are done cleaning, choose the proper case. A broken box is a hassle when you’re traveling.

2. Use your bike bag the right way.

When traveling with your bike, there is a maximum weight allowance. You don’t want to end up paying extra. The best solution is to use your bike bag. For instance, you can put your clothes and gear in your bike case so you can maximize the weight allowance. To protect your bike frame, you can actually wrap your clothes, like shorts, jerseys, etc., around the bike. That way, you avoid paying extra charges and you protect your bike.

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3. Bring plenty of riding clothes.

As much as you don’t want to bring extra clothes, it is better to be prepared than to end up spending the days doing laundry. It helps to pack extra jerseys, shorts, etc. At least you can be sure that you have enough clothes for the length of your stay.

Is Shipping a Better Alternative?

Flying your mountain bike with you might be a bit of a hassle for some; the  alternative is to ship your bike. The only downside is that you will have to pay an expensive price. The extra cost is why some prefer to just fly their bikes with them. Airlines just have an additional charge instead of having to pay for air freight services, which can be really expensive.