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On the Move: IRONMAN Sculpture Finds Permanent Home

The IRONMAN sculpture, an artistic piece paying homage to the incredible IRONMAN events that have taken place in Greater Zion over the past decade, has moved to a new home. 

Originally displayed in the center of the traffic circle on Main Street and Tabernacle, the sculpture has relocated to the plaza in front of Zions Bank – same street, just a bit further north on Main and just south of St. George Boulevard. 


A little back story 

In 2019, St. George officially won the bid to host the 2021 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship, prompting local race organizers to seek a way to memorialize the World Championship, the IRONMAN mantra (“Anything is Possible”), and the enduring positive legacy that IRONMAN events have created in Greater Zion. 

It was agreed that the only way to truly capture the spirit and essence of all things IRONMAN was through art. Thus, the Greater Zion Convention & Tourism Office and the City of St. George cooperatively commissioned a sculpture. 

Artists Richard and Josh Prazen presented the concept of a metal sculpture depicting the swim, bike, and run disciplines over the rugged landscapes of Greater Zion. 

Richard and Josh are third and fourth generation blacksmiths who have widely

influenced the metal artistic community for the last several decades. After securing the commission, the father-son duo worked together to bring their vision of the majestic IRONMAN art piece to life. It is one of the original works of art showcased by the local Art Around the Corner Foundation, and one of the few pieces that calls Greater Zion its permanent home.

The cubic sculpture has four sides, featuring a part of the triathlon – swim, bike, and run – on three sides, and the IRONMAN event logo on the fourth. The three sides featuring race imagery represent more than the literal events, though; they also signify the sacrifice, hard work, and accomplishments of the athletes who participate. The fourth side celebrates the land we live in, the accomplishments of the community, and the dedication of the people who make events like IRONMAN possible.

“We are very honored to have this sculpture showcased to the world,” said sculpture artist Josh Prazen. “It has been an incredible experience, especially working with the city and the Greater Zion Convention & Tourism Office to bring this vision to life.”

IRONMAN north american championship 2021 m dot install zwilson 020

The story lives on

Since the original installation, the IRONMAN sculpture has been an onlooker of several historic moments in Greater Zion, including the first showing of the 2021 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in the area. 

The global pandemic allowed Greater Zion to once again host the 2022 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship, and created an unprecedented opportunity to host the 2021 IRONMAN World Championship. Such events had us pretty flattered as this iconic brand and the World were recognizing our both resilient and a world-class destination. 

As the name implies, World Championships attract the best athletes from all corners of the world, as well as their family and friends. The IRONMAN sculpture welcomed those historic events and the thousands of visitors who took part. It saluted the athletes along their competition route. It stood proudly in the background as finish line celebrations unfolded. It signaled the unity between the competitive spirit of Greater Zion and the competitors themselves. This year, it will greet yet another group of IRONMAN visitors as they compete in Greater Zion. 

Whether you are in Greater Zion for leisure purposes or to recover from your most recent IRONMAN escapades, check out the inspirational IRONMAN sculpture (which is much easier to access for photo opportunities in its new location), the Land of Endurance mural across the street, along with the other extensive art offerings in the area.