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How to Aim for the Center of the Green

Improve Your Golf Game by Aiming for the Green

Well, Jack Nicklaus, who has won 18 championship games, says this strategy will increase your chances of winning at your next tournament. Former champion Jackie Burke, Jr. had the same idea once: “I shoot at the middle of the green… sometimes the ball rolls up near the hole and makes me look good.” Sounds like these guys really have this down to a science, and perhaps using his strategy might even help you improve your golf game and win the Masters. Or at least earn you bragging rights amongst your golf companions.

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Most golf players will attempt to aim at the flag, which can cause the ball to land further from the hole, especially if the flag is closer to the edge of the green. Instead of making the game easier and landing on the green, they get stuck in the tall grass and that can cause your score to be lower. So the more you aim for the middle of the green, the higher your chances of landing it on the green.

When aiming for the green, more times than not, you will land yourself a birdie shot. Some may be longer birdie shots than others, but hey, at least you’re not in the sand from overshooting the ball towards the flag. The more greens you land, the better your scores will be, no matter the length of the birdie.

Green fairway with pine trees and red rock formation in background.

“What this boils down to is playing the percentages, which has always been my underlying strategy on every shot.” Stated Jack Nicklaus. Considering the amount of times this man has won at championship games, we believe it would be smart to take his advice for your next tournament!

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