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Golfing in Greater Zion When it’s Windy

How to Beat the Wind in a Game of Golf

You’ve been planning a big golf day out with your buddies for weeks now, and the day is finally here but the worst possible thing happens… It’s Windy! When it comes to golfing, wind can seriously put a huge damper on the day. Surprisingly, the wind can help you to make a better shot at times. Although this isn’t always the case, and you may need some more skill to beat the wind and dominate your game. We have found a few tips to stepping up that golf game of yours in windy weather!

View from behind of a male golfer in mid swing.

Avoid High Straight Shots

Keeping the ball low to the ground will help to keep your score lower. Hitting the ball high means higher score. The more time the ball spends in the air, the more the wind can affect the direction the ball goes. In the more windy countries the players will just scoot the ball on the ground to avoid high scores because high elevation shots = high scores.  

Be Soft

A common misconception is to hit the ball harder to cut through the wind. This is not correct, the harder you hit the ball, the faster it goes and that means more backspin. If you’re going up against a strong headwind, this screams disaster! That ball is going to land short almost every time. The best approach to a situation as this one, would be to simply swing nice and easy.

Choke Down On Your Club

Gripping the club a little lower will allow you to gain more control of it, making the swing less forceful. This will help to keep the shaft stiff so you get a little less whip from the club, causing an easier, softer swing.

Aerial view of golf course at sunrise

Bring The Ball Back

Before swinging, bring the ball back a little bit in your stance. Use a delofted club as well, this will keep the ball on the ground and keep you from losing your aim to the wind. Remember, loft is not your friend when it comes to windy golf.

Let It Carry

Like we stated before, the wind can assist you at times will your shot. Depending on the direction the wind is blowing, you may be able to use it to carry the ball closer to the hole. Say the wind is blowing from left to right, shoot the ball a little more to the left, this will help you get a straighter shot with a little more speed.

See? No worries! You can still enjoy your day out on the green even with a bit of wind! Just be sure to follow these few tips on how to beat the wind in a game of golf and your game will be a breeze!