How to Become a Master Putter

Master Your Put in Greater Zion

What’s the old saying? – “Drive for show, Putt for dough.”? It’s a phrase that keeps being said, because it’s true.

We all know that one of the main parts of a golf game is the putting. Now, there is a certain way to make sure your putting is on point, and we are going to help you to become a master putter!

Male golfer in midswing on golf course under a blue sky with fluffy clouds.
  1. Don’t hit the ball up. Your guru friend who is telling you that you need to hit the ball up to get the perfect putt is wrong. Here is why, when hitting up on the ball, you will make it hop, which in turn will lower your chances of getting that perfect soft spin to the hole. Try keeping the putter low, naturally there will still be a little bit of hop, but not nearly as much as if you hit up, and keeping it low will produce smoother strokes.
  2. During long distance putts, focus on the target, not the ball. This will help you to assess the distance and therefore strike the ball at a reasonable speed to get it closer to the hole.
  3. Practice putting. Everyone practices their long haul swings at a golfing range, but why not practice putting too? It’s just as important, and no one wants to end up wasting 3 swings on the putting green. So practice your putting skills regularly.
  4. Try the “Gator Clamp”, Steve Scott came up with a grip that you can do to help you stabilize the putter, especially if you are playing with a group who does not allow anchoring. Just clamp your right hand to your left forearm just above where you are gripping the putter.
  5. Give your arms room to move. Don’t stiffen up and become mechanical during your putting. Stand a little further from the ball and allow some space for your arms to move.
  6. A physical routine for putting is important, but just as important is a mental routine. Routine helps to keep the body consistent, so why not keep your mind consistent too? Lexi Thompson has a mental routine of assessing the green with her feet and mind as she gets closer to it, then she gets low and close to the ball from behind to assess her putt, then she takes a deep breath with each stroke, letting her instincts take over.
Couple golfing on desert course

There are so many things you can do/try to improve your putting, you just need to put in the work and see what fits for you! Good luck out there!