7 Reasons to Fly to Greater Zion

Here Are Just a Few Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should be to Greater Zion

Los Angeles now has a direct flight opening to St. George, Utah! Cue confetti cannons! If you just read that and immediately thought, “Why would I care?”, let me give you 7 reasons why this is huge news for southern Californians looking for a beautiful and exciting getaway.

Reason #1: Zion National Park

You may not have realized that the main hub of southwest Utah is St. George, but you definitely know about Zion National Park, which is 45 minutes away. No more driving 6-8 hours for this incredible national park. You can fly direct and turn a long weekend into an epic one. The canyon walls of Zion sell themselves. But don’t be fooled, there is a whole lot more going on here than just Zion.

View of Zion Canyon from Observation Point

Reason #2: Canyoneering Adventures

The best way to describe canyoneering is with a quote from Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, “I dream with my eyes open.” Canyoneering is the sport of bouncing between rappelling down a slot canyon and hiking through the canyon to the next rappel. It might feel like you’re dreaming, but it’s the most alive you’ll ever feel.

Man dropping down into canyon with climbing gear on.

Reason #3: Tuacahn Outdoor Amphitheater

It’s called Broadway in the Canyon for good reason. Tuacahn has high quality shows being performed in a red rock amphitheater nestled into a canyon just outside of St. George. The canyon walls tower over you in every direction to create one of the most iconic settings, and the shows are amazing. This year they are performing Beauty and the Beast, Annie, and The Count of Monte Cristo!  

Panoramic view of outdoor amphitheatre.

Reason #4: Crazy Talented Artists & Galleries

The climate here must be just right for fostering creativity because we have some amazing artists in a variety of mediums. The first place you have to go is the Kayenta Art Village in Ivins. Here you can actually watch some of the artists at work throwing clay or painting. There are also some great landscape and wildlife photographers to visit as well. From there, head over to Springdale and visit a number of great galleries. Purchasing a print of the Narrows is a great way to remember your unbelievable trip.

Couple admiring photographic prints on the wall of an art gallery.
LaFave Art Gallery

Reason #5: World-Class Hiking

We have enough beautiful hiking photos to make a two-day slideshow, but don’t worry, we won’t put you through that. What we will do is tell you how incredible the hiking is here. You get to have breathtaking views, slot canyons filled with petroglyphs, alpine mountain meadows, orange sand dunes and much more. You’d better bring an extra SD card because you’ll be snapping pictures nonstop.

Man hiking on red and white striped rocks.

Reason #6: Rejuvenating Spas

Picture yourself getting a hot stone massage while you look out the window onto a red rock paradise. No stress or worries can reach you here. Later you can do some yoga or take a healthy cooking class. We’ve got some great traditional spas for relaxation and some pretty amazing ones focused on rejuvenation and healthy living as well.

Couple lounging at spa in front of large window with scenic view of mountains.

Reason #7: Mountain Biking Paradise

We literally have a mountain biking trail named Paradise Rim, and one look at it will tell you the name was appropriate. There are hundreds of miles of single track and slick rock to explore. In fact, St. George is the home of The Redbull Rampage. If you bring your bike, you’re in for an incredible time.

Smiling female mountain biker leading the pack.