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Discovering Art: Kayenta Art Village

In this series, I would like to invite you along with me as I explore the art scene in the St. George area. With so much natural beauty in the landscape, it should come as no surprise that talented artists of many disciplines have chosen to call this corner of Utah “home”. It felt like a logical place to start was Kayenta Art Village out in Ivins for the simple reason that so much art was residing all together in an amazing setting.

Panoramic view of the interior of an art gallery.

Great Variety

This art village was a feast for my eyes. Each gallery had its own identity and focus. Some like Mystic Canyon Light Gallery comprised work by only one artist while other galleries exhibited the works of over 100 different artists, most of them being local. For me, though, it was enjoyable to be able to talk with the actual artist and hear their passion and love for their work.

See Artists at Work

There was more than just items to purchase at these galleries. Some of the shops were studios for resident artists. They co-op and take turns producing their amazing art right before your eyes. The two studios I popped into were painting and pottery. Seeing someone actually working the paint brush on canvas and watching their work come to life was worth the trip out there all by itself.

Whether you are interested in the artistic process or want to pick up a beautiful piece of art to remember your visit here, there is something great for you at Kayenta Art Village.

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