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7 Outdoor Adventures that Will Tempt You to Leave Work

Feeling productive this week? That’s About to Change

Coming off of a relaxing weekend, ready to tackle another tough week at work or home? Let us go ahead and get inside your head with seven amazing outdoor adventure activities in Greater Zion. Go ahead and put away that budget spreadsheet or forget the laundry, and dig into our list of adventure activities you won’t want to miss.

Greater Zion has plenty of adventure at every turn. In addition to all the white-knuckle activity, you will find the challenging and beautiful courses of the Red Rock Golf Trail, Broadway-style theater, inviting hotels, delicious restaurants, shopping centers, and world class spas. You can squeeze in some of those extras between adventures. You will need some “down time,” after all.

Check out our list of seven can’t miss, schedule-it-now adventures below!

1. Canyoneering

Canyoneering is very popular in Zion National Park and the sport continues to grow as people discover and explore parts of the park you normally wouldn’t see! At first it seems like a daunting task to climb down into a narrow slot canyon and navigate your way through the unknown. We recommend using one of the skilled canyoneering guides and outfitters that operate locally. These guides know the slot canyons better than anyone else and can take you the safest possible way.

View from above of a man rappelling down into a canyon below.

2. Zip Line

Zip line your way across up to 800 feet of canyon! A friend of ours told us, “I have been coming to St. George for over 20 years and never knew you could zip line here!” Well, now is the time to go. Get set up with one of the zip line adventure guides and take the ride of your life! They will make you feel safe and confident as you experience an opportunity missed by many.

Ziplining man with a blue sky

3. ATV Riding

Getting around the 20,000 acre Sand Hollow State Park and BLM land is a blast on an ATV! With spectacular views and sand as powder-like as the snow, you will experience a whole new level of ATV adventures! Don’t have your own machines? Need an outfitter? Check out our list of ATV Outfitters and book your ride in the sand and on the slick rock today!

ATV leading UTV on tour through red rocks.

4. Mountain Biking

Mountain biking can be as easy or difficult as you want to make it. With trails like the Zen Trail and Suicidal Tendencies, the best mountain bikers in the world will still endure a challenge. But what about the rest of us? The beginners, the weekend warriors?  Greater Zion is still THE place.

Prospector, JEM, Barrel Roll trails, and more, will deliver a mountain biking experience like nowhere else. Greater Zion is the country’s best kept mountain biking secret. So, come find out what you don’t know yet.

Need a bike? Need a guide? No worries! Check out our cycling shops and guides and hit the trails!

Trio of mountain bikers.

5. Jeeping and Off-Roading

Up for a little horsepower along some jagged cliffs? Need the rush of a good climb? Let an expert show you the ropes and take you places you never thought a vehicle could maneuver! Explore the Pine Valley Mountains, Zion National Park or the sand dues of Sand Hollow State Park and get lost in a jeep.

Couple on off-road Jeep tour

6. Horseback Riding

The horsepower of a jeep is awesome, but maybe you’re in search of the quiet and serene of only one-horse power. With the trail experience and expertise of our horseback riding guides and outfitters, you may see a different side of the country via these graceful animals.

Two women riding horses through canyon.

7. Fishing

Fishing? In Greater Zion? Not many know that this area of the country offers multiple fishing ponds throughout the area. The ponds are stocked with tons of fish, and three of our four state parks offer some stellar lake fishing.

Man fishing in the Kolob Reservoir

Now that we have pulled you from your work-a-day world and got you daydreaming of your next adventure in Greater Zion, you might as well start planning your next getaway filled with outdoor adventure activities.