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The Perfect Spring Day in St. George

If you were my friend and have a trip planned to Greater Zion, here is what I would suggest for the perfect spring day in the area. After all, who doesn’t want an insider’s opinion and knowledge of an area? I know how amazing this area can be, and you can feel that same way.


Wake up and eat at Bishop’s Grill. There are two locations, both in St. George, but one near Santa Clara and the other near Washington. They have a great menu and some really reasonable prices, which is perfect when you have small kids.

Now that you’re fueled up, head over to Elephant Arch Trail. This hike is a little sandy and 3.8 miles, but has very little elevation gain and an awesome pay off at the end of the trail. The arch is incredible, but the real reason I recommend this trail is the wildflowers. I counted over 12 different kinds last spring, making it a stunning trail, thanks to the fresh spring blossoms.

Wild flowers in the desert.


You’re going to be hungry again, so grab lunch at Benja’s and have some sushi or Thai. It’s a light meal and they make phenomenal sushi rolls. From there you can head over to the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site. Whether you’re 2’ 2” or 6’ 2,” like me, you’ll love this museum that has been built around prehistoric dinosaur tracks. It’s interactive, educational, and just plain cool to see the actual footprints of these ancient giants.  

Two children looking at an exhibit with small green dinosaurs.


I don’t know if you’ve caught on to the theme, but food kind of runs this agenda. Since dining is such an important part of your experience, I have to direct you to somewhere really special for dinner. The best view and impressive cuisine is found at Cliffside Restaurant. You will love the view of the city from up there, and even get a glimpse at Zion off in the distance.

Young couple dining at a cliffside restaurant.

It might have to be an early dinner so you can quickly make your way over to Tuacahn Amphitheatre. Nestled in the back of a beautiful red rock canyon just outside of town, in Ivins, you can see bull riding, concerts, and, most importantly, Broadway-style plays!

Panoramic view of outdoor amphitheatre.

It’s a full day that will tire you out but you won’t regret a minute of it. The pictures and memories you make will be there for years, enticing you to come back for another itinerary.

It’s far from an ordinary place and there is far more options worthy of your time than I outlined here. But luckily, I’ve got three more seasons for which to give you a perfect day . Keep an eye out for summer!

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