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Hidden Gem: Elephant Arch

It’s getting to that time of year again in St. George where the weather makes going for an easy four-mile hike in the afternoon not so easy. But enough about that. This week’s installment of our Hidden Gems is a hike hidden in plain site of St. George, called Elephant Arch.

Just like any of our hidden gems, the anticipation is always building as you patiently wait to experience what our wide-open spaces truly have to offer. Once you do, that’s when you realize just how special this place is as the opportunities to experience its glory are endless.

Wing-shaped red rock formation

Proximity-wise, this hike is extremely close to the cities of St. George and Washington, which makes it especially convenient. By now, you’ve seen pictures of this hike, and you’ll be clamoring to know how to find it so you can rush out and experience it for yourself, so here’s the best guide to get you there.

This hike begins as you make your way up an empty wash, aptly named Bone Wash, since it can get bone dry in the summer months. Even with the heat, you should be extremely excited to see this sandstone arch. The real treat, though, is that most of the hike features trimmed with wildflowers, a lot of them. Like way more than you could expect or that a desert has any right to grow.

Aerial view of desert brush

After coming and going from the wash a couple times, and seeing some cool sandstone formations along the way, you’ll finally reach your destination. It’s like some ancient statue left ages ago. It honestly does resemble an elephant, or at least the head and trunk of an elephant. Put this exotic animal on your list and make your next trip more than just a national park visit. You’ll be glad you did.