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Scout Cave Hike

Looking For a Hike?

If you don’t have a lot of time or don’t want to drive too far outside of town, it’s pretty tough to beat Scout Cave Trail just outside of Snow Canyon State Park. Just because you can’t spend all day hiking, doesn’t mean you have to miss this amazing red rock country and the spectacular views it has to offer.

Red petals on desert flower.

The beauty of this trail is not just the ease of access, though that is a great perk. Scout Cave is a fun hike because it takes you through some interesting terrain and doesn’t make you work too hard for it. As you begin the hike, you’ll start on a packed sandy trail that winds through volcanic rock flow. As you pass beyond the lava flows, you drop down to a dried creek bed that leads you through some interesting flora, like the local Indian Paintbrush.

Before reaching your final destination, you’ll have to do a bit of climbing. The first part of the incline features stairs that are built right into the red, sandy trail. Once you make your way up those, feel free to take a break and enjoy the scenery. You deserve it.

Enjoy the Destination

Your final goal is a pair of shallow sandstone caves that are 40 or 50 feet deep. Despite their lack of spelunking potential, they are still fun to duck into. Don’t forget to take sometime and look back at the trail you just hiked, the views are incredible.

Come Back for More

Whether you are in town for a convention, softball tournament, or other time-consuming activity, there is still time for one of our short hikes. Scout Cave will acquaint you with why this area is so popular among hiking enthusiasts and hopefully make you a believer as well. Make sure to visit Snow Canyon State Park again in the future as a variety of hikes throughout this stunning state park await you.