Winter Itinerary

Experiencing Greater Zion in the Winter

The three most popular times to visit St. George are spring and fall (for the weather) and summer if you are mainly coming for Zion. Winter is pretty quiet here, but if you’re an avid adventurer and want to keep exploring through the winter, here are some reasons why you should plan to visit Greater Zion in the winter.

The Price is Just Right

Hotels are cheaper in winter, and who doesn’t love that? Not only hotels, but gas prices are also lower, which can make getting here more affordable. Art galleries also frequently offer discount prices to clear inventory for the coming season, as do the outlet stores. Basically, most things will be less expensive for you if you travel here in the winter.

Close up view of pottery and paintings on display.
Dave West Art Gallery

Zion Permits Are Easy to Acquire

Some of the greatest places to experience in Zion National Park are traffic-controlled by a permit system. It’s a great way to manage the natural resources but it can make getting into these places next to impossible during the popular seasons (which is ¾ of the year). So get the proper gear to safely enjoy The Subway in the winter when the permits are easier to get.

Waterfalls inside canyon after rain with foggy sky.
Post-Rain Waterfalls at Emerald Pools

Incredible Rock Climbing and Bouldering Weather

The average high temperature doesn’t dip below 54 degrees over the winter in St. George. Many activities are still very enjoyable at that range because you create your own body heat doing them, like hiking, biking, and pickle ball. Climbing in particular is great in winter because the rock doesn’t get too cold and my body doesn’t get too hot. It’s also worth mentioning that the climbing is legendary here as well.  

View of female climber reaching up for a hand hold while two men spot below.

The Photography is Amazing and Different

Droves of people come to the St. George area to photograph the unique landscape—and for good reason. Some of the geographical formations you’ll see here will blow you away and demand frame after frame to be taken of them. Most people shoot the area in the tourist season and miss the raw beauty that can be captured in winter. Seeing Snow Canyon caked in a thin layer of snow is both rare and breathtaking. The same is true of Zion Canyon, and 95% of people never see that, let alone photograph it.

February is typically a pretty dull month out of the year, but it doesn’t have to be. Break from tradition this year and come to a wild and raw outdoor playground that is still a world class destination even in the winter. Come visit St. George.