Introduction to an Adventure Experience

We get visitors from all over the world to Southern Utah.  All of them are here to enjoy the outdoors including; our National & State Parks and the amazing quality of outdoor activities we have to offer like hiking, world-class mountain biking and climbing, canyoneering, water sports, etc.

Couple mountain biking in the Red Desert National Conservation Area

At Red Dirt Excursions, we are often asked “what is the best thing to do in Southern Utah”.  The answer is so dependent on the person asking; what do they enjoy doing, their activity level (cross fit vs a daily walk to the mailbox), their version of horsepower (horse or ATV), experiences, etc.  Universally our clients visit here to be active and get our red dirt in their blood; we just need to know how.  What we do encourage is for our clients to challenge their comfort level- just a bit.

What most visitors are unaware of is the ability to learn, or be exposed, to world-class activities and scenery geared for the novice or beginner.  You do not have to be an “expert” to enjoy some of the more iconic Southern Utah experiences.  We are able offer our clients “Introductory” days or half-days to learn, or improve a skill set, on Mountain Biking, Canyoneering, Climbing, horsemanship, yoga, SUPs, etc.

Man dropping down into canyon with climbing gear on.

We often recommend, to appropriate clients, an introductory Excursion to something they have always wanted to do but feel too inexperienced to enjoy.  Using the appropriate instruction, in the appropriate areas, we can provide a great, new and safe experience allowing our clients to experience something they have always dreamed of doing in an area that is truly remarkable.  We also make sure all of the necessary safety equipment is there for you and in the case of mountain biking we make provisions to have some of the latest and best equipment available and customized for you.

For the yoga enthusiasts, we have a host of certified Yogis willing and able to help teach new techniques or learn SUPs (Stand Up Paddle-Boards) Yoga.   As with all of our guides they are passionate about their craft and want to expose new people to it in the best way possible.  Yoga in some of our remote areas is an absolute memory worth having.

Depending on the Introductory Excursion you wish to experience we would suggest budgeting $100-$150 for a half day and $200-$250 for a full day.  This would typically include taxes, fees, gratuities, access fees to State and/or Federal land, etc.  Discounts may be available for groups of four or more, we keep our Introductory Excursions to small groups typically not wanting to exceed 6-8 people.

Should you wish to learn more about experiencing new things and having amazing memories please contact us, we would love to help.  You make the memories; we’ll take care of the rest.

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