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The deep geologic and human history of the Greater Zion area leaves us with landmarks galore. Explore the natural wonders of a cinder cone that once spewed lava or dive into the history of the first Utah temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, located in St. George.

Broadly accessible to all, these unique fixtures educate you on the area’s makeup and history. Come to know these and you’ll come to know Greater Zion.

Landmarks sometimes overlap with historical sites, but there’s plenty to see and explore across all areas of interest.

Instagram post 17916915703319758 You must take a walk in downtown St. George to see all the sculptures and art. Art Around the Corner makes downtown an outdoor gallery. #greaterzion #artwalk #sculpting #artaroundthecorner
Instagram post 17846638807494042 Greater Zion is more than just one park. In fact, it has many parks, including Pioneer Park, sitting right above the city of St. George. Explore this red rock playground for yourself. 
Photo by: @tyler_eat.on
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Instagram post 17898960187308507 When you visit southwest Utah, you are coming to a place unlike any other. A land of dinosaurs and volcanos. #hike #sunset #volcano #desertparadise Photo by: @jamesdcawley