One Amazing Private Slot Canyon

A Unique Adventure In Greater Zion

Do you want an adventure that will make your eyes pop out of your head in wonder and amazement? Then you have to experience Battle Creek Canyon in the fall.

Before you fire up your amazing Googling powers and find a way to get there, be warned that this is a private canyon. That means that you can only experience it with the Zion Adventure Company, who owns the canyon. But the good news is that you GET to experience it with Zion Adventure Company! Below are just a few reasons as to why you need to add this eye-popping experience to your itinerary on your next visit to Greater Zion.

The Setting in Fall

This isn’t to give the impression that this canyon is only fun and amazing in fall, it would be awesome anytime of year, but when you get to experience it in the full bloom of fall colors, you have gone from something amazing to something truly magical. It’s the kind of stuff poets try to capture in their writing. The trees were ablaze with yellow, orange and red. The best part of the fall weather, though, is the number of pools of water totally covered with pink and red leaves. Stunning is the only word to describe it.

Pink and red leaves floating in a creek.

The Rappels

Pool after pool you’ll plunge down with a splash and feel the rush of freezing water and adrenaline. Each rappel is a unique piece of art sculpted by nature’s careful hand. It’s incredible to see how the knife of water and time could carve such beautiful stone slides and drop-offs. The feeling of lowering yourself off a sheer cliff and gliding down 80 feet to a new pot of water is something you won’t soon forget. Lowering yourself down a waterfall by a rope is something you just have to experience for yourself.

The Ascending out of a Canyon

Even if you consider yourself a fairly accomplished outdoorsman or woman with many skills and experiences, there is always more to learn and try. For example, ascending up a rope instead of climbing up the actual rock face and then rappelling down it. Because you will descended a couple hundred feet down Battle Creek, you’ll then have to regain that elevation to return to your starting point.

In most canyoneering experiences, you’ll accomplish this by finding a hiking trail from the bottom that takes a steep path you can walk up to the top of the canyon. For this adventure, you can only do that for about half the distance that you need to climb. The trail ends at a cliff wall of 110 feet. It can be tricky to gain mastery of, but by the end, you’ll be confidently ratcheting yourself up the rope to the top. I’s a lot more technique than it is brute strength.

The Guided Experience

It takes a very skilled guide to know how much to challenge their participants. Thankfully, the guides at Zion Adventure Company are very skilled. They’ll knew just how much to push and challenge you to discover and learn. It won’t be handed to you, but it won’t done in an irritating way either. The end result will be a gratifying and empowering trip. You’ll learn the right knots for the right circumstances and new skills to work as a team and assist each other while smearing and downclimbing. The requirement to use Zion Adventure Company is news because they make the experience one you will always remember.  

Zion National Park is so much fun to experience and something that everyone should see in their life. But if you come to St. George and Zion and only spend time in the park, you would be missing out on some of the best things to see and do in the area. You’d be missing out on seeing Battle Creek, and that would be a huge mistake! Get in touch with Zion Adventure Company and have a real adventure.

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