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The Greater Zion Visitor Center is a must for anyone interested in exploring the natural wonders of southwest Utah.

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Ways to Care

Keep Greater Zion the Land of Forever

Once you set foot in a slot canyon, race down slick rock, or rappel from a sandstone cliff, you’ll fill with enormous gratitude. The marvel of Greater Zion leaves some visitors speechless and all locals prideful. But because this physical anomaly is as delicate as it is rugged, this Land of Reverence warrants intentional care by every visitor. Full immersion into any outdoor travel experience starts with fostering the land.

Luckily, caring for Greater Zion is easy. Simple acts — follow Leave No Trace guidelines, volunteer for an event or community clean-up day, donate to a charitable organization or educate newbies on the importance of responsible travel — make a lasting impact. If everyone lucky enough to behold a Greater Zion experience were to sprinkle a little love back, the Land of Reverence will stay mighty forever. 

To fully immerse yourself in the Greater Zion experience is to care for Greater Zion. 

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Keep It Clean

See debris? Throw it away. Did the desert wind deliver garbage to the trailhead? Throw it away. Pack it in? Pack it out. Of all the ways to care for Greater Zion, picking up your trash and any you find along the way is the easiest act. Know how to dispose of human waste or plan your exploring around restroom locations.

But if you want to go the extra mile, consider signing up for special clean-up days through Washington County’s Give Your Land a Hand. The group also organizes tree-planting days and shares clean-up, trail-building and water-conservation opportunities on its Facebook page


Volunteer For an Event

You don’t have to race to feel like a winner. Volunteering for IRONMAN, Huntsman World Senior Games or the St. George Marathon provides a similar shot of serotonin … without the same amount of sweat. 

Shifts are short and with all the excitement around you, time flies. Visit the Greater Zion Volunteer Hub to claim an aid station, register a group or sign up solo. As with all desert adventures, don’t forget to pack sun protection and more water than you think. 

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Practice Responsible Travel

Whether you’re a local or a guest, prepping for any Greater Zion adventure adds a few items to the tried-and-true checklist of comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen and sweat-wicking layers. 

Desert visitation requires a well-researched itinerary that follows the Guidelines for Responsible Travel. This includes asking: (1) if you’re familiar with the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace, (2) if an activity puts you or your group at risk for emergency rescue, (3) when and where can you avoid crowds, (4) if you’re prepared for limited cell services in remote areas and, lastly, (5) how can you make a positive impact on the communities you visit. 

Zion Forever Project Donate


Like its landscape, the community that surrounds Greater Zion is diverse and vast. Want to give back? Pick your passion, then donate time or money (any amount welcome).  to the arts, national park programs, conservation organizations or search and rescue teams.  

Look into state parks — including Snow Canyon State Park, Quail Creek State Park, Sand Hollow State Park and Gunlock State Park — where they often have needs for park hosts and Adopt-a-Park participants. 

Is your business or foundation looking to care for Greater Zion in big ways? Partner with the Zion National Park Forever Project and other business leaders and stewards to promote lifelong stewardship. Hands-on volunteer opportunities, learning programs, and donation avenues exist for individuals as well.

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Spread the Word

Education is key to caring for Greater Zion. The simplest way to educate? Word of mouth. Learn about our landmarks and history and write an online review of your favorite trails, restaurants, outfitters or galleries. 

Be a super fan of Greater Zion. Tell your friends, kids, and guests not only about your adventures, but why you practice responsible visitation — how you react when you see wildlife, when it’s okay to go off-trail, why you don’t pick flowers or disrupt wildlife, and how to minimize your impact on the parks.