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Stop by our Tourism Office & Visitor Center for information on St. George, Zion National Park, and other attractions. It’s the perfect first stop for visitors to the area to discover something new, ask questions and pick up materials.

Open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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March 2021

Greater Zion Tourism Report

Greater Zion Marketing Series III:

We Are Greater Zion

Learn how Greater Zion has grown and how we plan to help you grow with it. We are only Greater Zion because of each of you. Only together can we continue to grow as an optimistic and purposeful collection of communities. Join the Greater Zion Convention & Tourism Office and Cactus for an informative 90-minute session (with time for Q & A), including a “State of Greater Zion” presentation by Director Kevin Lewis. Cactus (ad agency) executives will follow with a training on tangible inclusion points and opportunities for communities within our marketing efforts, key insights to elevate your imagery and photography assets, and the actionable individual steps that you can take to attract more visitors.

Greater Zion Marketing Series II:

Driving Awareness through PR and Influencer Marketing

Kristin Yantis of Malen Yantis Public Relations will take you through the 2019 Greater Zion public relations and influencer marketing program. We’ll discuss how PR can work for you to drive quality visitors to Greater Zion. You’ll learn about various PR resources and how you can get involved in the overall effort, which ranges from your content promoted on quarterly media tip sheets to hosting media as part of the visiting journalist’s program.

We’ll also dive in to a very buzz-worthy topic – influencer marketing. We’ll provide Greater Zion’s strategy when it comes to working with influencers. We also will share how our team can help you wade through the numerous requests you get for influencer comps.

Greater Zion Marketing Series I:

Meeting Visitors Where They Are

Technology continues to reshape how people dream about, plan for and experience travel. The brands that understand the changing traveler decision making cycle and can meet consumers with the right information on the right platform at the right time are the brands that will thrive in today’s evolving tourism economy. This informative 60-minute presentation teaches how to leverage digital tools like Google, Trip Advisor and Social Media to meet and exceed consumer expectations. 

Greater Zion Brand Introduction

Slides used at Brand Launch in May 2019, offering an overview of the process used to create the new Greater Zion brand for the Washington County Convention and Tourism Office.

2019 Tourism Overview

An in-depth look into the role and impact of tourism in Washington County, Utah in 2019.