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The Greater Zion Visitor Center is a must for anyone interested in exploring the natural wonders of southwest Utah.

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To help responsibly grow the tourism and recreation economy in Washington County, the Tourism Office can assist with the following key services: Event Operations, Marketing and Public Relations Support, Event Funding, Planning and Development of Sports & Recreation Venues, and Assistance with obtaining Event Permits.

Event Operations

The Greater Zion Convention & Tourism Office helps to seek out and attract major sporting events that will infuse economic impact and present opportunities for economic development.

For event organizers we provide the following services:

  • Prepare bids and facilitate host venue agreements for events
  • Act as liaison between event organizers and local agencies, facilities and other entities
  • Plan and coordinate site visits
  • Connect organizers with community leaders
  • Assist in event logistics planning and in establishing local organizing committees
  • Participate in on-site event management
  • Help recruit volunteers
  • Promotional support (see Marketing & PR)
  • Coordination with the Greater Zion Convention & Tourism Office for lodging, visitor and destination services

Marketing & PR

The Greater Zion Convention & Tourism Office offers promotional support to energize local communities and event participants about the event. Marketing & PR services can include:

  • Creation and distribution of event press releases
  • Assisting with local non-paid media coverage
  • Promotion via social media and email marketing
  • Assistance with photography, graphic design and video promotion
  • Local signage, welcome banners, and community awareness campaigns
  • Event listing and promotion on the Sports Commission and Tourism websites

Event Funding

The Greater Zion Convention & Tourism Co Op Marketing/Sponsorship program was created to help secure and support activities that will infuse economic impact, and enrich the quality of life for residents.

The Washington County Tourism Tax Advisory Board makes recommendations on the expenditure of funds collected from the Transient Room Tax (“TRT”) (as described in Utah Code Section 59-12-301) and the Tourism, Recreation, Cultural, Convention, and Airport Facilities Tax (“TRCC”) (as described in Utah Code Section 59-12-603).

TRT and TRCC funds may only be appropriated in furtherance of tourism or related activities or projects. The county may only appropriate money if, in the judgment of the county legislative body, the funding will contribute to the safety, health, prosperity, moral well-being, peace, order, comfort, or the convenience of county residents.

Funding Applications

To be considered for these funds, organizations must submit the appropriate application.

Determine Appropriate Application


The Greater Zion Convention & Tourism Office plays a facilitating role in helping community leaders and private partners to plan and develop recreation venues and facilities that will enhance the economic opportunities for sports tourism while enriching the quality of life for residents.

In order to help stimulate sports tourism, the Sports Commission will review and consider requests for county assistance and/or funding for the development of venues, facilities, and recreational assets. After review, the Sports Commission will then make recommendations to the County Commission for future investment.

In this way, the Greater Zion Convention & Tourism Office helps coordinate efforts to responsibly leverage sports and event venues and other recreation assets to achieve maximum economic benefits while maintaining a quality experience for users.

Please contact the Tourism Office if you feel you have a qualifying project.


The communities in Washington County play host to a great variety of special events each year; from major sporting events and conventions, to parades, festivals and athletic activities.

This Permit Portal was created to assist event organizers in locating the necessary permit requirements and preparing applications. Below is a list of communities and agencies that have provided information about how to obtain permits in their area of jurisdiction.

To make best use of the portal:

Step One:

Determine the location of your event, using our interactive map for the Washington County area.

Screenshot of interactive map of Washington County, Utah

This interactive map will give you several different options, such as being able to plot/plan your potential event course or area, or you can search by an address.

This map will help you to determine the jurisdiction which your potential event will be located in.

Step Two:

Click on the appropriate community and/or agency for your event. You will be able to find that information from the map or from the list below.

Step Three:

Download any applications, forms or checklists provided.

Step Four:

Contact the appropriate representative for specific questions for that area. Click on the links below to be directed to the appropriate information: