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The Greater Zion Visitor Center is a must for anyone interested in exploring the natural wonders of southwest Utah.

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Keep This The Land of Forever

You Know the Why. Here’s the How.

Travel, visit, and play keeping these eight practices in mind to ensure Greater Zion stays a Land of Forever™.


There’s a lot to know before you go.

Check the weather and watch for storms. Look for experiences that are within your abilities. Learn about pet access, water availability, and trailhead services. Know the current fire restrictions, trail closures, and reservoir access. Request a Visitors Guide and explore the website. Take your turn at the popular spots, but consider doing so when it’s less busy.

Seeking these details eliminates surprises, helps you plan your adventures, exposes you to hidden gems, and allows you to pack accordingly.

Request a Visitors Guide


Plan ahead to enhance your experience.

Reserve a place to stay – whether it’s a hotel, glamping experience or campsite – three to four months ahead of time, especially if you’re visiting during the busy spring or fall months. Book a guided tour, or confirm the rental gear you need to go on your own. Obtain permits for popular hikes like Angels Landing in Zion National Park. 

Making reservations, where possible, guarantees your preferences, and doesn’t leave you settling or missing out. Additionally, planning ahead sometimes saves you money.

Book Your Stay


Amazing adventures start with proper preparation.

Carry a daypack and fill it with just a bit more than you think you’ll need. Map out your route for the day. Take at least 16 ounces of water per person, per hour. Protect yourself from the sun. Pack enough food to fuel your adventure. Wear quick-dry layers and closed-toed shoes with good tread—unless, of course, you’re headed to the lake. Make a checklist of food, water, and gear each day and be prepared. Don’t count on cell service. When in doubt, take a guided experience or ask questions of park/land staff.

Preparing is protection from danger and frustration. Having extra supplies could tide you over if you get stuck, lost or stranded. Knowledge of the terrain and an idea of where you are going creates a sense of what is to be expected. 

Get Prepared for Your Adventure


Know how to stay safe while you’re out having fun.

Recreate within your limits and take care of yourself along the way. Wear protective gear. Check that your equipment is in good shape or rent from a local shop. Know what to expect from wherever you’re going. Learn the signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration, and take steps to prevent each. Be a positive example to others in your travel party—there’s no shame in opting out of something beyond your ability level. 

Getting home safely should be your first priority. The truth is, there won’t always be directions or safety rails. It’s up to you.

See Common Questions


Treat the land like you live here.

Stay on designated trails. Where trails aren’t designated, stay off the soil’s dark (cryptobiotic) crust and vegetation. Pack out the waste you bring in – not just trash, but human and pet waste, too. Do not touch, move, or otherwise harm desert rocks, flowers and vegetation, or historical artifacts. Be sure to know the rules of each activity– including but not limited to mountain biking, ebiking, and ATVing.

Responsibility in our precious lands preserves them for future visitors and generations, as well as for the animals and people that live here. Investing the extra effort to travel responsibly is the only way we can all combat the damaging effects we have on natural areas. Do what you can to keep Greater Zion the Land of ForeverTM.

Discover the Land of ForeverTM


Spread some smiles while out on the trail.

Welcome everyone you see with a smile and a wave. Don’t be surprised if others do the same. Push yourself to run farther and climb higher if you’d like—but understand that not everyone is here to do the same. Learn all aspects of trail etiquette, but start by granting the right of way to uphill traffic, hikers, mountain bikers, and horses. Know the etiquette of each activity. At all times, drive through our communities alertly and safely. 

Greeting everyone you encounter with kindness, patience, and understanding simply feels good. They could be visitors or locals—the places you vacation are places where others live.  Share the inspiration with everyone you meet.

Learn More About Hiking Etiquette


There’s always more to discover.

Visit Zion National Park, then spend time in St. George or Hurricane, Ivins, Springdale, Veyo and everywhere in between Eat, shop, and buy local. Stay out late and look up at the stars. Try something you’ve never done before. See our art and hear our musicians. Extend your trip beyond the weekend. Take pictures from perspectives you’ve never seen before. Wander.

Finding the Greater parts of Greater Zion is the secret to really discovering this place. Visit our most popular destinations —they’re truly spectacular — but treat yourself to more adventure, inspiration, and exhilaration.

Explore Greater Zion


Be a part of Greater Zion’s community.

Share your Greater Zion story. Meet the people who own our shops, restaurants, galleries, and boutiques. Learn about our landmarks and history. Request a Greater Zion Visitors Guide. Join the conversation, and if you love this place, write a review, volunteer, or donate to the organizations that make Greater Zion such a magical place to visit.

Getting involved isn’t something that we all have the ability to do, but if you can, it’s one of the most rewarding things you can do and supports these lands, people and stories we all love. 

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