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Enjoying the Bike Paths of St. George

There’s something really captivating about cycling for me. I find it hard to really define for people who don’t enjoy it the same way I do. And for those that do love it, I don’t even need to try and define it. In the simplest terms, there’s a sense of empowerment and freedom that riding a bike gives me that I don’t find in other ways. For those reasons, I was thrilled to learn that the city I moved to a couple years ago was very pro cyclist. Today, I’d like to take you on a tour of St. George and its amazing bike paths.

There are some great on-road routes that I’ve biked here in the beautiful red-rock country. But if you don’t subscribe to the speed and traffic of a road for your biking pleasure, St. George is for you. Currently, we have over 60 miles of bike paths, with more in the works. You can get a wide variety of desert scenery while touring these paths. For my trip, I laid out a 23-mile loop that basically circles the city of St. George.

Cyclist grabs a snack at a park.

I decided to start my loop with the most beautiful section first. I began in the middle of Snow Canyon and immediately hopped on the bike path there. The biggest challenge of descending Snow Canyon can be following the posted speed limit.

Beyond that amazing State Park, I got to ride past some half a dozen city parks, taking in their rare greenery in the desert. I’ve never lived somewhere that takes care of the locals with so many incredible parks. My only complaint is we need a real disc golf course.

Along the lowest point of elevation on the loop, I got to shadow the Virgin River and take in the beauty of its river bottom. There’s so much contrast between seeing the lush river bottom with sand hill cranes and then climbing back to the desert with its lizards and tarantulas.

I got to end the ride on a fast, beautiful descent through a red rock landscape that could be mistaken for Mars. It was so satisfying to feel the wind blasting past me as I let gravity do all the work it’s what makes the climbs worth it. That, and I got myself a big burger and shake to celebrate the ride at the aptly named Fatty’s.

Whether you’re in a club of race-kit-wearing cycle junkies or taking an afternoon ride in cargo shorts on a beach cruiser, there’s really no better place than the paved trails of St. George. It’s a fantastic set of trails that lets you see most of the city and is open year round thanks to the awesome weather here. On your next trip to St. George, try seeing things from the seat of bicycle. You’ll be glad you did. I always am.

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