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The Greater Zion Visitor Center is a must for anyone interested in exploring the natural wonders of southwest Utah.

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Road Bike Routes

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Plan your next road biking adventure in Greater Zion (the southwest corner of Utah) using our interactive map. The map is easy to use and includes suggested biking trails which can be filtered based on activity, difficulty, and distance. When you find your next ride, you can download, share, and print the map and directions for offline accessibility. Welcome to Greater Zion where you can bike 365 days a year.

iPad with screenshot of map with highlighted trails

Utah Hill

15 mi | +1,552 ft Elevation | Out & Back
Utah Hill is a challenging climb that will push your power and endurance levels to the limit as you wind through the foothills that trace the western border of Utah. Done as an out-and-back route, the ride back down the hill is a rollercoaster of thrills and adrenaline.

Veyo Loop

43.5 mi | +2,660 ft Elevation | Clockwise Loop
Veyo Loop is a prehistoric loop among inactive cinder cones. Only a few moderate climbs make this an ideal long-distance ride for someone not looking to work too hard but still have fun. Along the way, you will see lakes, canyons, lava rock that once flowed through the area, and the alpine mounts of Pine Valley.

Santa Clara-Ivins

4.4 mi | +355 ft Elevation | Connector
This route is a great way to see the quaint town of Santa Clara. The main street of Santa Clara is beautiful and shaded by tall trees, making you feel like you’ve been taken back in time to the 1950s.

Man cycling in Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park

5.2 mi | +1,132 ft Elevation | One Way
Possibly the greatest state park anywhere, Snow Canyon makes for an incredible and challenging ride up a red and white streaked sandstone canyon. Views of sand dunes, rolling sandstone hills, and rivers of black, hardened lava rock make for an incredibly stunning ride.


27.8 mi | +1,233 ft Elevation | Out & Back
Connecting the paved trail of Snow Canyon Parkway all the way down to the retirement community of Sun River, this paved trail-road combo offers a diversity of views, terrain, and sections of town. Pass through wooded parks, open desert, and shadow the river for portions of this route.

Red Hills Parkway

8.3 mi | +607 ft Elevation | Connector
Glide along the top of the cliffs surrounding the northern section of St. George on this mostly paved trail route. There’s no better way to see St. George and get introduced to the red rock formations that make up a good portion of Greater Zion.

Washington Fields

13.3 mi | +529 ft Elevation | Connector
This trail is a fairly flat route of open country roads among farms and small neighborhoods. This section of roads makes a great connector to the Southern Parkway route. Consisting of mostly quiet roads with little vehicle traffic, this route is very popular among local cyclists as a perfect place to find a quiet, peaceful ride.

Southern Parkway

18.6 mi | +961 mi Elevation | Connector
This is one of the most popular biking routes in Greater Zion. Wide shoulders on the road and light traffic make this an ideal biking route. Rolling hills that offer short bursts of speed and sweeping views of the whole valley are the highlights here. Combine this section with Washington Fields or the Sand Hollow Loop for a longer ride.


6.3 mi | +534 ft Elevation | Connector
Acting as a bridge between Washington and Hurricane, this section opens up various combinations of popular routes for road biking. Use this route to take an epic ride from St. George all the way to Zion National Park.

Quail Creek Loop

27.7 mi | +1,773 ft Elevation | Clockwise Loop
Quail Creek Loop is a good combination of quiet neighborhood streets and long country roads with little to no traffic competing for the roadway. Incredibly scenic, this route has views of the Pine Valley Mountains, the canyon that Confluence Park occupies, and even portions of Zion.

Sand Hollow

21.9 mi | +760 ft Elevation | Counter Clockwise Loop
Sand Hollow is a jewel in the desert and defies logic as the beautiful emerald lake sits among rocky bluffs and rolling sand dunes. The higher portions of this route offer sweeping views that stretch out for 30 or 40 miles. The loop is relatively flat with some gentle rises mixed in. 

Zion Connector

6.6 mi | +671 ft Elevation | Connector
This route is a challenging climb that zigzags up the side of a butte to reach the small town of Virgin. It’s only a short connecter route to get from La Verkin up to the route that goes into Zion Canyon or Kolob Terrace. This route is mainly used by those doing a much longer ride from St. George to Zion.

Kolob Reservoir

47.4 mi | +5,174 ft Elevation | Out & Back
This is a rollercoaster of a route that will see you dropping elevation at blinding speeds. Kolob Reservoir resides in a high mountain meadow surrounded by pine and quaking aspen trees. Be prepared for a lot of tight turns on a steep grade with red rock monoliths towering above you as you make this thrilling descent.

Zion Canyon Scenic Route

42.5 mi | +1,564 ft Elevation | Out & Back
The crown jewel of Greater Zion, biking up to the main canyon of Zion National Park is a phenomenal experience that can’t be beaten. For most of the year, only shuttles are allowed to drive in the main canyon, so you don’t have to compete with much traffic as you enjoy the beauty of Zion National Park.

Group of cyclists riding through canyon

IRONMAN 70.3 Bike Course

56.0 mi | Connector
Ride the path of an IRONMAN through the raw beauty of Greater Zion. This route is a challenging course that demands respect from even the reigning champions. Spanning nearly half of the entire region, this course offers you a view of almost everything the Greater Zion desert has to offer. Climb canyons and glide along lakes as you seek to find the IRONMAN in you.