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Color Country Aerial Tours

This southwest corner of Utah is chalk full of incredible views and beautiful scenery to take in. From Zion National Park to Snow Canyon State Park and everything in between, you will fall in love with this red rock desert. I’ve typically used hiking as my mode of exploration, but this week I got to see all these interesting places in a whole new way—8,000 feet in the air. Here are a few reasons why you absolutely must take this aerial tour with Color Country Aerial Tours.

Boy posing in front of aerial tour plane.

New Perspective and Scale

Every time I’ve flown to somewhere new—whether it’s Colorado or Florida or even California—I try to catch a glimpse of the geography of the area out of those little oval windows. Image that level of coolness magnified by 50. That’s what a Color Country Aerial Tour offers you! In their little 4-man plane, you are surrounded by large windows that offer you a view in every direction.

It’s easy to take pictures and spy out all the desert mountains, canyons, reservoirs, and plateaus. You’ll never get to see Zion like this any other way. I was unlucky on the timing of my tour because a forest fire up North covered the main section of Zion in so much smoke I could hardly see it, but the upper section of Kolob Fingers was breathtaking.

Tour plane flying over bluff
Color Country Aerial Tour

So Much in So Little Time

There are several different 30-minute tours you can do as well as a 60-minute tour that covers all areas Color County Aerial Tours visits. I love living in this area because we have one of the greatest national parks and four state parks that each have a unique and beautiful charm to them. It blew me away how fast we were able to take all of these sights in all in under an hour. It would have taken me that long just to drive to some of them. It’s a really great opportunity to drink in everything awesome in my corner of paradise.

The Only Way to See Some Places

There was plenty of locations that are basically unreachable in Washington County. You might be able to ATV or hike into some of the remote areas but some are just too rugged for even that. That’s the beauty of being one with the birds in the sky; you can see some really secluded places with ease. And in this corner of Utah, there are some really cool secluded spots. An aerial tour like this really is a unique experience.

Boy in airplane with headset giving thumbs up.

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