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Mountain Biking Sidewinder

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out on Mountain Biking in Greater Zion

Things can heat up pretty quickly in the southwest corner of Utah in mid July. But when you’ve got world-class trails in your backyard, you don’t let a little heat stop you from getting out there and tearing up some singletrack. Here’s a few reasons you should bring your mountain bike on your next summer trip to St. George.

World-Class Trails

For the last five or so years, our little St. George has slowly been gaining notice among mountain bikers thanks to good word of mouth. We don’t need to be compared to other places like Sedona or Moab because the quality of singletrack and slickrock trails we have speak for themselves.

There’s a reason the Utah high school state mountain bike championship has been held here the last few years. It’s the same reason Red Bull has held their biggest mountain biking event here, the Red Bull Rampage. The trails here are just plain awesome, and the views they offer are in a league of their own.

Trails for All Abilities

Whether you’re a complete newby to mountain biking and need to rent a bike or are a 20-year veteran that can take on the most technical terrain with ease on your own $5,000 bike, there is a perfect set of trails for you in St. George. Those of you in the latter group should make your way over to Gooseberry Mesa. It’s a master class of trails that will challenge your abilities and offer you breathtaking views of Zion National Park while you’re at it!

If you’re just getting into the sport, head over to Barrel Rolls near Santa Clara. It’s a fun, easy ride that won’t ask too much of you physically and is beginner-friendly. It’s a great trail to get some miles under your belt. For a rental, contact one of our outfitters, such as Rapid Cycling. Their staff is really knowledgable and will fit the bike to you and explain how to use it to its full capacity.

Sunrise Rides You’ll Never Forget

Start your ride on the Sidewinder trail at first light. Even though the temperatures might reach over the 100’s, the ride will be pleasant and by no means feel too hot. Starting the Sidewinder at dawn isn’t just a pretty way to enjoy mountain biking, it’s also the best way to beat the heat. That soft orange horizon is really just a perk—but a pretty amazing perk nonetheless.

Mountain biker looking out at the desert scenery.

You’ll Appreciate That Pool More

If knock out some serious miles at sunrise like the Sidewinder, you’ll be more than ready to take advantage of the pool at your hotel or condo later that afternoon. Luckily, almost every one of the rentals in St. George has a pool—it’s kind of a must. If you don’t have a pool where you’re staying or want to amp up the adventure even more, I recommend going over to the tangerine-colored beaches of Sand Hollow State Park and renting a stand up paddle board