Making a Great Vacation: Part 1 – Food

Meals are so much more than just a mundane task of refueling our bodies; they are a way we come together and share time with friends and family. The bigger the gathering, the bigger role food will play.

This is true for eating on vacations as much as it is at holidays or family milestones, like weddings. So whether you’re an adventurous eater, or you prefer to play it safe on your plate, don’t underestimate the impact food has on your vacation experience. And dining options abound across Greater Zion.


With any vacation, there is usually more activity than you normally have in your day-to-day life. This is especially true of most vacationers to Greater Zion. There’s hiking, biking, swimming, lots of walking, warm temperatures and lots of sun. It can be a lot for your body to handle. Regular meals are important, but like everything with a vacation, there is the feeling that it needs to be elevated, above your normal life.

Try Something New

If you make the cheapest food choices, you will save money for sure, but you will also miss out on something special. The unique culture each area has is all rolled up in the food they have. If your travel budget can allow, skip the chain restaurants. Yes, they offer cheap, predictable eating options, but remember, sometimes, it’s more than just refueling.

Ask Locals

Explore a little and find out what the locals consider the best representation of the area culinarily speaking. If you ask anyone in Springdale, you might hear about The Spotted Dog. If you want to find the spot to dine in St. George, most will direct to straight to the Painted Pony, and for good reason.

The food you dine on makes a good trip great. On your next vacation, make the bold choice and eat local. Discover the flavor of the area and have some fun experiencing new cuisine you don’t get at home. Your taste buds deserve a vacation too.