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A Guide to Enjoying Sand Hollow Reservoir

The Perfect Place to Cool Off in Greater Zion

It’s no secret that it can get hot here in Southern Utah. But if heat is the price we have to pay for the amount of sun we get year-round and the unimagainable beauty that this place offers, we’re willing to pay it. With that being said, when it does get hot, our beautiful reservoirs make it more than just tolerable.

Sand Hollow is an escape from the summer heat and will far exceeded your expectations. When you make your inevitable trip, here are some tips that will help you best enjoy the area.

Relax on the Water

Take a thrill ride out on the water by renting or bringing a boat and pulling some tubes, wakeboards and skis. It’s a great way to experience the reservoir. Or, go with something a little smaller and rent paddle boards from The Beach at Sand Hollow.

Young girls on paddelboards on turquoise water with red rock formations in background.


While there may not be a beautiful coral filled with exotic fish, taking a dive into the reservoir and exploring what is under the water is a unique experience. If you want to explore even deeper under water, you can scuba dive, too. There’s even a bus and a plane sunken in the lake for you to explore.

Snorkeler swimming underwater

Cliff Jumping

If you love rock climbing and heights the cliff section of the shoreline is for you. This offers a great variety of heights ranging from the kid-friendly five feet to the more daring 35 feet. Extremely popular among locals, you’ll probably make some friends while exploring this area.

Kids cliff jumping at Sand Hollow State Park

Good Eats

To cap off all the adventure you’ve been having, head back to the rental shop and got some lunch at their cafe. Nothing says summer fun like a cheeseburger and onion rings. They also had a good selection of ice cream.