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A Guide to Enjoying Sand Hollow Reservoir

As I made my bike commute home yesterday, I had to reassure myself more than once that I actually wanted to be biking today.

It was a dry 113 degrees. People always add the “dry” part, like it’s making any kind of difference. When the temps are higher than 110, dry or not, you’re going to literally cook. I’m not good at just sitting home, though. Like Christopher Robin, I need to explore my own 100 Acre Wood, or, more specifically, the reservoirs.

Sand Hollow was my first escape from the summer heat this year. I expected to enjoy myself, but it by far exceeded those expectations. It was so good, in fact, that I knew I had to share some of the highlights with you and hopefully convince you to give them a try.

Boats, Boats, Boats!

I saw a few boats out on the water pulling tubes, wakeboards and skis. I didn’t have a boat on my trip, but maybe you have access to one or want to rent one. It would be a great way to experience the reservoir, but I went with something a little smaller. The group I was with decided to go to the shop there called The Beach at Sand Hollow. There we rented a few paddle boards. The wind presented a challenge with these, but it was a great choice all the same.

Young girls on paddelboards on turquoise water with red rock formations in background.


I brought my snorkel and fins on a whim—and it was my favorite part! While there may not be a beautiful coral filled with exotic fish, it was still a hoot to dive and explore around. The water temperature was a wonderful 75 degrees and did a great job cooling me off. Again, something I didn’t do on this trip, but you can scuba dive, too. There’s even a bus and a plane sunken in the lake to explore. One of my co-workers has done it and said it was really fun.

Snorkeler swimming underwater

Cliff Jumping

I’ve loved rock climbing since I was a teenager, but it was a rocky start of a relationship. I was and honestly still am a bit afraid of heights. The cliff section of the shoreline actually offered a great variety of heights ranging from the kid-friendly five feet to the more daring 35 feet. I settle for something around the 15 to 20 feet range and loved it. It was a popular locale, though, with a few people enjoying the plunge.

Kids cliff jumping at Sand Hollow State Park

Good Eats

To cap off all the adventure we’ve been having, we went back to the rental shop to return the paddleboards and got some lunch at their cafe. Nothing says summer fun like a cheeseburger and onion rings. They also had a good selection of ice cream.

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