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Top Greater Zion Breakfast Destinations

When you’re embarking on adventures in Greater Zion, you need your morning fuel. Our local foodie @stg_eats, Greater Zion’s go-to for restaurant happenings, news, and reviews, has just the list – the best breakfast spots across the land. Some even serve breakfast all day, so maybe it’s a refuel situation. No matter what you’re doing while visiting Greater Zion, check into these first-meal-of-the-day gems! Make sure to follow @stg_eats on Facebook and Instagram and check out to be in-the-know and for recommendations on eating your way through Greater Zion.



This popular burger restaurant now has a full breakfast menu. You can choose from pancakes and waffles, omelets, breakfast sandwiches, or their popular breakfast burritos. We love the burritos, but the pancakes were really great too! You’re able to customize your pancakes and waffles with a wide variety of toppings. It’s a great, casual spot for all ages. 

Bear Paw Café

Greater Zion Breakfast bearpaw
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

The Bear Paw has been in St. George for over 25 years and is a favorite of both locals and tourists. Located in the beautiful downtown, they serve breakfast and lunch 365 days a year. We’ve liked everything we’ve tried on the menu!

Tifiny’s Creperie

Greater Zion Breakfast tifinys
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Delicious sweet and savory crepes are what you will find at Tifiny’s. We’ve also heard amazing things about the Creme Brulee French Toast. They make for a great brunch, lunch or dinner. We also love that they have outdoor patio seating. 

Bishop’s Grill


If you want to eat like a local, try Bishop’s. This long-running diner has a small-town feel and is loved by locals. They feature a large menu with all of your breakfast favorites at an affordable price. I personally love their house-made burrito sauce which you can get on top of a breakfast burrito or an omelet. They also have a house-made raspberry jam that is delicious. Looking for something sweet? Try their cinnamon rolls, which are as big as a dinner plate! 

Main Street Cafe

This quaint cafe, found in the heart of Hurricane, is a great stop for breakfast. Serving a variety of flavorful dishes, we are partial to the omelets and the waffles. We also love the back patio that overlooks a lovely, green yard. If you happen to be there in the evening, we also recommend them for dinner. Their burgers are cooked on the grill on the back patio, it almost feels more like a BBQ at a friend’s home than eating out. 

Rooster Run Café

Greater Zion Breakfast roosterrun option2
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Located in Hurricane, we’ve found this diner to be worth the drive from St. George. They serve breakfast all day long with plenty of other diner favorites too. We have found the food to be excellent and the service top notch!


Greater Zion Breakfast woodashrye option2
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

This beautiful restaurant serves up some of our favorite cuisine in all of Greater Zion. They source their ingredients regionally so everything is very fresh. They have an in-house bakery where they make all of their own breads and biscuits. (You must try the biscuits with the homemade jam!) Everything is delectable, but the Croque Madame should not be missed!


Greater Zion Breakfast kneaders
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Kneaders chunky cinnamon French toast! The thickest, softest French toast you will ever find. Topped with their homemade caramel syrup, strawberries and whipped cream. Did we mention it’s all you can eat? They also have some lighter choices on their breakfast menu, but we can never pass up the French toast!

Tias – Artisan Bakery & Restaurant

Greater Zion Breakfast tias
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Tias is the newest restaurant and bakery on this list. They feature some unique, fresh choices and serve breakfast all day long! We love their avocado toast, but the Nutella waffles, Nutella French toast, and their omelets also look amazing.

Oscar’s Café

Imagine enjoying breakfast out on the patio with views of Zion National Park. That’s what you’ll find at Oscar’s! Known as one of the best restaurants in Springdale, they serve up some mouth-watering breakfasts that you are sure to love. Try a large breakfast burrito or, if you want something sweeter, maybe the Frosted French Toast will satisfy your sweet tooth – it’s dipped in Frosted Flakes!

Visit Greater Zion’s Dining page to find more on restaurants and food across the area!