Purple, Mountains, and Majesty at Baker Creek Lavender Farm

Less than 25 miles northeast of St. George, just beyond Baker Dam Recreation Area, you will find a hidden gem within the folds of the Alpine Region mountains. Baker Creek Lavender Farm is a small, family-operated business that produces a variety of lavender species, herbs and organic products from land that has been family-owned for generations. 

Baker Creek Lavender Farm was established in 2017 after owners Scott and Mary had dreamed of the endeavor for years. They had researched every lavender field they could find as they traveled across the United States, until one day, they decided to put roots down for themselves, literally and figuratively.

baker creek dam lavender farm overview shot

What is now a collection of flourishing fields began as a humble plot of undeveloped land that many deemed unusable. This didn’t stop Scott and Mary, though. With the help of friends and family, they cultivated their first quarter-acre field of lavender in 2018. Since then, it has expanded to five fields and continues to grow. Visitors are typically welcomed during the summer months, but see the official Baker Creek Lavender Farm website for official opening and closing dates, as they vary from year to year.

The remote location of the farm makes you feel like you stumbled into some sort of magical fairy garden. Suddenly, the rugged land on which you were traveling transforms into a sweet-smelling purple haven as soon as you cross the creek.* There are bees and butterflies flocking to see the lavender for themselves, and the serenity that lavender is known for is amplified by the gentle sound of the creek flowing nearby.

baker creek dam lavender farm lavender row closeup

As you wander around – not through, though to prevent damaging the delicate flowers – the dreamy, picturesque fields, you can read facts about the different species that are growing and capture their beauty by taking pictures on your phone. (Note: contact the farm directly to inquire about professional photo shoots amidst the lavender.)

Pictures are not the only souvenir you can take from Baker Creek Lavender Farm. Organic products made from lavender and herbs produced on the farm can be purchased nearby. Soaps, candles, balms, lotions, oils, edible items and more are handcrafted with care and distilled with the precision of two passionate artists. Online orders can be placed through Baker Creek Lavender Farm’s website, where you can also find more information regarding the photography policy, seasonal updates and event planning. 

baker creek dam lavender farm rows

The small, family-owned businesses in Greater Zion are part of what makes this corner of the country so attractive and unique. Baker Creek Lavender Farm is a lovely example of the pioneer spirit that our locals continue to carry on through the Land of Endurance. Come see this real-life desert rose (or, desert lavender?) and everything else Greater Zion has to offer for yourself. Book your trip while the fields are still in full bloom.

*Please check the Baker Creek website or call ahead for weather updates before traveling. Heavy rain and melting snowpack in higher elevations impact the creek levels, making the bridge to Baker Creek impassable at times. High-clearance vehicles are strongly recommended for the trip, regardless of weather conditions.