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Hot Chocolate Favorites in Greater Zion

A Tasty Way to Stay Warm

Nights in the desert climate of Greater Zion leave you wanting for a good mug of steamy hot chocolate. Our local foodie, @stg_eats, Greater Zion’s go-to for restaurant happenings, news, and reviews, has done the laborious work of vetting these sweet chocolate concoctors and offers this list of favorites.

Grab a cup of warm and head out to see the Christmas lights, stroll through the Red Hills Desert Garden or Town Square.

But don’t let the holidays be the end. Hot chocolate flows here well into Spring and beyond.

After you finish giving each place on this list a try, make sure to stay in-the-know and recieve recommendations on eating your way through Greater Zion by checking out and following @stg_eats on Facebook and Instagram.

Photo Credit: @stg_eats

If you’re looking for a quick stop for hot chocolate, Swig is a great spot! We especially liked “the Nutcracker” which has hazelnut and vanilla in it!

Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Another great, quick stop for some hot cocoa. We especially liked the one with raspberry and vanilla (don’t forget the whipped cream)!

Photo Credit: @stg_eats

They serve up a delicious Nutella hot chocolate. They also get bonus points for having the prettiest hot chocolate I tried.  

Bear paw
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

They might actually take the cake for my overall favorite hot chocolate. Creamy, delicious, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles! It’s dreamy!

They surprised me with how good their hot cocoa was since they are known more for their burgers and fries, but their hot chocolate had a caramel flavor to it that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Dutch bros
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

If you’ve heard about their famous chocolate milk, I learned that their hot cocoa is their chocolate milk heated up. I loved how creamy it was! They also have a kid’s temp and a regular temp, which I think is so smart! 

Photo Credit: @stg_eats

It’s called “Cocoa Supreme” for good reason! It’s fantastic. But then again, I wasn’t surprised because everything they serve is top-notch! Plus they use homemade whipped cream to top it off!

IMG 5967
Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Many people don’t realize that Berries-n-Cream also serves an amazing hot chocolate named Cocoa-n-Cream. They add their signature cream (original, salted caramel, or chocolate) to a warm cup of hot cocoa, and it makes it even creamier and more delicious. 

Photo Credit: @stg_eats

Gas station hot chocolate? Hear me out, if you’re looking for hot chocolate that’s easy on the wallet and tasty too, then Maverik is a great choice! I was also intrigued by the pumpkin spice hot cocoa and will have to go back and try it sometime. 

@stg_eats on Facebook and Instagram is Greater Zion’s go-to for restaurant happenings, news, and reviews. To be in-the-know and for recommendations on eating your way through Greater Zion, check out, and give a follow to @stg_eats on Facebook and Instagram.