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Golf By The Numbers

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People often say that golfing in Greater Zion is like playing in a postcard, and we have a healthy library of photos to confirm. Pictures do say a thousand words, but numbers also talk. And Greater Zion’s golf stats are pretty impressive. Here’s the breakdown:

There are 14 courses in a 20-mile radius

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Yes, you read that correctly. Community members and visitors have a wide selection of golf offerings from which to choose in Greater Zion, including everything from all-inclusive resorts to stay-and-play experiences to classic municipal layouts. (Don’t let the word ‘municipal’ fool you – many golfers report that the city-owned golf courses in Greater Zion keep pace with their favorite non-municipal courses around the country.) 

Whether you golf in St. George, Hurricane, or Washington, you’ll never be more than a 20-minute drive away from the next courses. And no matter which course you choose, you’ll golf near Zion National Park, whose beauty extends far beyond the official park borders. Such convenience lets you pack even more variety into your golf itinerary, and such captivating scenery will inspire you to swing for the red-rock-lined skies.

There are 262 holes and 100,683 yards in total

If you played one hole of golf per day in Greater Zion, it would take nearly nine months to play all of them. Hole-y moley! Thank goodness they let you play numerous holes a day! 

In addition to the sheer number of holes, each course has carefully designed signature holes. They create unique and challenging rounds that are perfectly balanced by the scenic surrounding landscapes. There’s no accounting for the number of balls you could lose in your round with these challenges, but you’ll be comforted by your surroundings.

The total number of golf yards in Greater Zion – 100,683 – is also staggering. That is equivalent to over 57 miles. With that distance, you could hike Angels Landing almost 11 times, ride around the entire Sand Hollow Reservoir 28.5 times, and run a little more than two marathons. 

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There are several prestigious golf events 

These kinds of golf stats don’t go unnoticed. In fact, they have drawn the attention of The PGA Tour and LPGA Tour. The LPGA tour has hosted tournaments – the Epson Tour and the Senior Championship – multiple times in Greater Zion, with even more slated to take place in 2025. In late 2024, The PGA tour will host a tour event in Ivins. 

All that to say: Greater Zion golf courses are definitely professional-grade. 

2,400 square miles of adventure await beyond the fairways

Golf is just the beginning of your adventure in Greater Zion. There are already 14 course options; now, just imagine pairing them with the hundreds of activities and adventures waiting outside the course. The combinations are endless.