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Eagle Crags

The Views of Zion National Park Without the Traffic

Hiking is loved by many for a reason. The hard work, the solitude, and especially the views. Exploring a new trail can be a real thrill. As Zion continues to be more and more crowded, let us turn your attention to finding amazing hiking options outside of the park. Eagle Crags is a popular option simply because it is so close to the National Park that the views and experience will make you feel like you’re in the park.

Getting to the Trail

The road getting to the trailhead is ugly at best, and you shouldn’t consider this hike if you don’t have a vehicle with decent clearance. Small sedans need not apply. But once you’ve tackled the short drive up from Rockville, you’ll be greeted with an incredible hike full of amazing views and a crown of giant rock spires.

Closeup view of a pinecone with cliffs in the background.

The View

There are lots of good reasons to go for a hike, but the typical purpose behind most hikes is to get to a new, elevated location and take in a beautiful panoramic view. Eagle Crags has an incredible view of not just Zion, but of the whole surrounding area to the west as well. As you continue to slowly climb higher and higher up the trail, the view progresses from barely there through the juniper trees to an unobstructed view of the main canyon of Zion and the canyon to the east of that canyon as well. What might suprise you is that the the east canyon has a lake tucked away in it that most people don’t even kmow is there.

Scenic view of desert mountain landscape.

The Crags

From the bottom of the canyon, you can look up and see the actual crags of this hike from pretty far away. At this point, they look like little more than thorns on top of a mountain. As you come to the end of the hike, you’ll end up right at the base of these monster stone monoliths that tower over you in a peculiar crown-like formation. They are really impressive up close, and a return trip with rock climbing gear would be a great idea.

Jagged rock formations jutting up into the sky.

Don’t miss out on everything else the world has to offer just because it doesn’t have the fancy title of National Park. Chances are, you might only see a couple other people hiking Eagle Crags. And while you will surely appreciate the solitude on your hike, you’ll also share our feelings that a lot more people should be able to appreciate this amazing hike and many more like it just outside of the park boundaries.

Getting to the Trailhead

Get directions to the Eagle Crags trailhead and other local hiking trails, visit the Greater Zion trails website.

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