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Best of the Best in Mountain Biking

Photo Credit: Ben Horton

Here Are Some Inside Tips on the Best Places to Mountain Bike in Greater Zion

What if you only had one day to enjoy mountain biking in the St. George Area? Where would you go and why? With a location like St. George, it’s a tough question. It’s like when a friend asks you what your favorite movie is; there’s no easy answer.

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We recognized that with so many world-class activities to do here, many people would only have about one day on their trip to St. George to test out the trails, so we decided to turn to some of our local experts to solve this riddle. Here’s what they had to say.

“I’m going to throw a bit of a curve ball at your question. If you were in St George and were limited on time and could only ride one trail, I would ride the Bear Claw Poppy trail. It is right in town, fun for any level of rider, and is a St. George classic! If you were in St. George and had an entire day to ride, I would hit Gooseberry Mesa. It is a little more technical but is unlike any trail network found in the country. You will have fantastic views of Zion National Park while you ride massive slickrock sections connected by flowing singletrack.”

Ryan Gurr, Red Rock Bicycle Co.

“If you only have a day, Gooseberry Mesa Trail has to be your number one pick. The trail is a unique combination of slickrock and singletrack that twists and turns along the mesa, offering spectacular views repeatedly along the ride. A person can mix and match trail options for a personal adventure that suits their time and ability. It is like no other trail system on earth. “

Cimarron, GRO Promotions
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“No question, Gooseberry Mesa is the place to go if you only have the time to do one trail in Southern Utah. We have many world-class riding options, but the slickrock singletrack, designed by mountain bikers for mountain bikers, is an experience truly unique to Hurricane trails. Gooseberry Mesa offers the most mileage and diversity of any of the mesa rides, and it is the easiest to navigate.”

Quentin Morisette, Over the Edge Sports

That settles it, Gooseberry Mesa it is! If you still have doubts about whether or not to put the effort of strapping your bike on for your trip to Zion country, maybe these last two facts can sway you.

First, In the state of Utah, there are some amazing mountain biking options, but the high school state championship has taken place here in St. George three times thanks in large part to the quality trails we have. Second, even Red Bull has recognized a good thing here, and that’s why they hold the Red Bull Rampage in this area.

Get in the saddle and test Gooseberry Mesa out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!