When you're embarking on adventures in Greater Zion, you need your morning fuel.当您在大锡安地区冒险时,您需要早晨加油。 Our local foodie @stg_eats has just the list – the best breakfast spots across the land.我们当地的美食家@stg_eats仅列出-全国最佳的早餐点。 Some even serve breakfast all day, so maybe it's a refuel situation.有些甚至全天供应早餐,所以也许是加油的情况。 No matter what you're doing while visiting Greater Zion, check into these first-meal-of-the-day gems!无论您在游览大锡安时正在做什么,都可以查看这些一日之宝!

Hash House A Go Go


Have you ever had a pancake the size of a pizza?你吃过像比萨饼那么大的煎饼吗? At Hash House A Go Go, you will find huge portions and dishes as unique as their name.在Hash House A Go Go,您会发现大量的菜肴和菜肴,其名称都是独一无二的。 It's a fun spot for the whole family.这是整个家庭的一个好去处。 We recommend Andy's Sage Fried Chicken Benedict or Andy's World Famous Sage Fried Chicken & Waffles!我们推荐安迪的贤者炸鸡本尼迪克特或安迪的举世闻名的贤者炸鸡和华夫饼!



The Bear Paw has been in St. George for over 25 years and is a favorite of both locals and tourists.熊掌已经在圣乔治超过365年,是当地人和游客的最爱。 Located in the beautiful downtown, they serve breakfast and lunch XNUMX days a year.他们坐落在美丽的市区,每年XNUMX天供应早餐和午餐。 We've liked everything we've tried on the menu!我们喜欢菜单上尝试过的所有东西!



Tifiny's会发现美味可口的咸味可丽饼。 We've also heard amazing things about the Creme Brulee French Toast.我们也听说过焦糖布丁法式吐司。 They make for a great brunch, lunch or dinner.他们为早午餐,午餐或晚餐做准备。 We also love that they have outdoor patio seating.我们也很喜欢他们有户外露台座位。



We absolutely love Waffle Love!我们绝对爱华夫饼爱! Featuring some of the best Belgian waffles we've ever tried.精选一些我们尝试过的最佳比利时华夫饼。 With both savory and sweet choices, they've got a waffle for everyone.既有美味又有甜美的选择,他们为每个人提供了华夫饼干。 We personally love the Red Wonder – just imagine a thick Belgian waffle topped with Biscoff, raspberries, strawberries and fresh whipped cream!我们个人喜欢红色奇观-想象一下比利时松饼,上面放着Biscoff,覆盆子,草莓和鲜奶油! Are you drooling yet?你流口水了吗?

Porkbelly's Eatery&Catering Co.


This restaurant serves up some great homestyle cooking.这家餐厅提供一些很棒的家庭式烹饪。 They've got a large breakfast menu with all sorts of favorites like benedicts, omelets, pancakes, waffles and more.他们提供了丰盛的早餐菜单,其中包括本尼迪克特烤面包,煎蛋卷,煎饼,华夫饼等等。 A few unique things to try are the banana bread French toast and the funeral potatoes (a classic Utah dish)!香蕉面包法式吐司和the葬土豆(犹他州的经典菜)是一些独特的尝试!


大锡安早餐roosterrun option2

Located in Hurricane, we've found this diner to be worth the drive from St. George.位于飓风,我们发现这家餐厅值得从圣乔治开车。 They serve breakfast all day long with plenty of other diner favorites too.他们全天供应早餐,也有很多其他受欢迎的晚餐。 We have found the food to be excellent and the service top notch!我们发现食物很棒,服务一流!


大锡安早餐woodashrye option2

(您必须尝试用自制果酱做的饼干!)一切都很美味,但不可错过Croque Madame!



You haven't lived until you've tried Kneaders chunky cinnamon French toast!尝试过捏合机矮胖的肉桂法式吐司之前,您还没有生活! The thickest, softest French toast you will ever find.您会发现最厚,最软的法式吐司。 Topped with their homemade caramel syrup, strawberries and whipped cream.配以自制焦糖糖浆,草莓和鲜奶油。 Did we mention it's all you can eat?我们有没有提到这就是你可以吃的所有东西? They also have some lighter choices on their breakfast menu, but we can never pass up the French toast!他们在早餐菜单上也有一些轻松的选择,但我们永远也不会错过法国吐司!

提亚 –工匠面包店和餐厅


Tias是此列表中最新的餐厅和面包店。 They feature some unique, fresh choices and serve breakfast all day long!他们提供一些独特的新鲜选择,并全天供应早餐! We love their avocado toast, but the Nutella waffles, Nutella French toast, and their omelets also look amazing.我们喜欢他们的鳄梨吐司,但是花生酱华夫饼,花生酱法式吐司和他们的煎蛋卷看起来也很棒。


Imagine enjoying breakfast out on the patio with views of Zion National Park.想象一下在露台上享用早餐,欣赏锡安国家公园的美景。 That's what you'll find at Oscar's!这就是您在奥斯卡的发现! Known as one of the best restaurants in Springdale, they serve up some mouth-watering breakfasts that you are sure to love.被誉为斯普林代尔最好的餐厅之一,它们为您提供一些您肯定会喜欢的令人垂涎的早餐。 Try a large breakfast burrito or, if you want something sweeter, maybe the Frosted French Toast will satisfy your sweet tooth – it's dipped in Frosted Flakes!尝试大型早餐玉米煎饼,或者,如果您想要更甜的东西,也许磨砂法式吐司将满足您的爱吃甜食–它蘸有磨砂薄片!

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