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One of the critical steps to stop the spread of COVID-19 and stimulate the economy is to take a simple online health assessment. Taking this free health assessment provides key data to pinpoint that our communities are clear.

The sooner we confirm a lower risk of transmission, the sooner we can remove the social and economic restrictions. Let’s Crush the Curve.

Taking the assessment is safe and you can be confident that the info you provide is secure. Personal data will be used exclusively for the purpose of fighting COVID-19 and will be destroyed once the immediate threat of the virus subsides.

We still need to maintain our hyperawareness of safe hygiene practices and general common sense, but we will be able to reestablish critical business activities that sustain us.

And it is so easy to do – just take the assessment at

By participating in the assessment you help yourself, your family, and your community, and you help mobilize vital resources in the fight against COVID-19.

Show the world that Greater Zion is a safe place to be. Stay Greater.


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