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Dimensionando a divisão entre as viagens rural e urbana: Quem está em pé e quem está em baixo

Por The New York Times

The pandemic has been hard on travel. According to the U.S. Travel Association, it has caused $386 billion in cumulative losses, but the pain hasn’t been evenly distributed. Cities, which are largely reliant on business and group travel, have suffered more compared to rural and outdoor destinations where it is easier to fulfill social-distancing needs.

A melhor cidade pequena em cada estado


The Greater Zion area has much more to explore than beautiful Zion National Park. Mountain bike on Gooseberry Mesa’s Big Loop Trail. Hike, bike, or ride in an ATV at Sand Hollow State Park, and go horseback riding at Snow Canyon State Park.

Fuga para a Grande Sião

By Spoke + Blossom

One way to find some space for yourself this fall is a road trip to the southwest corner of Utah. Red rocks and unique desert vegetation provide a vibrant backdrop of the region known as Greater Zion – 2,400 square miles that span across the community of St. George and up through the awe-inspiring Zion National Park.

Grande Sião: o lado de Sião que a maioria das pessoas perde


Unbeknownst to many travelers, Zion National Park is part of a much larger group of communities that makes up the 2,400 square miles often referred to as the Greater Zion region. Springdale, the town closest to the national park, is just one of many areas worth a visit if you’re headed to Southern Utah.

6 destinos nos EUA perfeitos para uma escapadela de março


Washington County, home to the famous Zion National Park and the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, is a dream destination for nature junkies. In March, “the average high temperature is around 66 degrees and provides the perfect weather for outdoor adventure opportunities such as visiting Zion.

Vá aqui agora: Grande Sião


Earlier this year, the Utah region that includes Zion National Park and the towns of St. George, Hurricane, and Springdale was renamed Greater Zion. The park itself draws four million visitors annually to its 146,000 acres, which feature natural attractions like red rock canyons and the clear waters of the Virgin River.

Acampamentos totalmente exclusivos que você deve reservar agora


Up your camping game this year and book some outdoor time at these campgrounds with amazing amenities. With your night spent in a tent and your days spent at a water park, on a zip line or rafting down some rapids, this is an adventure you won’t soon forget. Scroll down to see all the amazing spots below!

Comer, dormir, brincar: St George, Utah


Has there ever been a time when you have been craving the outdoors more than now? We doubt it. After being locked up due to Covid-19, everyone is ready to leave their homes and soak up some sun. Head to St George, Utah.

Glamping é a tendência de viagens mais quente de 2020: aqui estão os melhores lugares para sua viagem


With warm weather across the entire nation, and months into the global coronavirus pandemic, just about everyone is itching to get out of the house and do something different. But travel is still a long way from “normal,” and polls, travel experts and common sense all point in the same directions.

Viagem pelos EUA: 25 melhores lugares para visitar em 2020


What’s on your travel list for 2020? Maybe this is the year to see more of the United States. After all, there’s so much to love in our own backyard. I tapped into a handful of travel experts and influencers to find out the top places in the USA that they recommend visiting in 2020.

O retorno do curso de destino

By NetJets

A little-known local architect named Dale Beddo has brought a dream to life with a bewitching array of contoured and bermed fairways, water features, and intricate bunkering carved through one of North America’s most magnificent natural settings, the Southwest’s red rock region.

Seu guia de viagem de Zion e St. George - os segredos do país das maravilhas ao ar livre em Utah


Greater Zion is a prime destination for Texans. What’s not to love? It seems, no matter the season, shots of the southwest corner of Utah, pop up in our Instagram feeds. The Zion area provides a picturesque setting with snow-capped mountain peaks, red rock canyons and red sand mountains.

St. George Travel Guide

By The Rose Table

I was ill-prepared for how much I would love St. George, Utah. I spent three nights at Inn at Entrada with my friend Morgan on a girls’ trip and we could not have loved the Greater Zion area more! With first-class theatre, art, dining, hiking, and adventures, St. George truly has something for everyone.

Viagem de carro com Repetição - Parte I

By San Francisco Examiner

Like a first kiss with a handsome heartthrob, I once fell in love with Utah and was thrilled to return. Approaching the state line the landscape became less desert and more ethereal, with rounded, layered rock formations. Somehow it was soul soothing perhaps because the world I currently inhabited seemed so out of control.