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Florida magician, Stefan Oswald will have you alternating between laughter and awe as he presents his sleight of hand, levitation, card tricks, and other mysterious magic, all in a setting perfectly designed for magic: The Old Farmhouse at Staheli Family Farm. We brought Stefan all this way from his home stage at The Great Magic Hall in Kissimmee, Florida to entertain at our popular witch events, and while he’s here, he’s going to entertain YOU! You’ll be seated among lavish Halloween decor, up close for this magical, must-see show. Our kid-friendly matinees and evening main events are the perfect way to create magical memories with the family. You’ll all be talking about it long after the astonishing finale.
Children under 12 must have adult supervision (We’d like our decorations to remain un-touched!).
Be ready to get some great pics as kids and adults both enjoy an unquestionably fun and amazing magic show.

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Thursday October 17, 2019
2:00 PM
Staheli Family Farm 3400 S Washington Fields Road
Staheli Family Farms 435-673-4096