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FMASU proudly presents The Electric Film Series – A Journey Through the History of Film: Volume I.
Taking audiences on a cinematic adventure that spans over a century of film…
Once a month throughout 2021…
And it’s completely free to the community!
The Electric Film Series continues at the historic Electric Theater on Tuesday, August 17th at 6 PM (Doors at 5:30 PM) with a powerful drama from the early 80s.

“The Elephant Man” (1980)

While the 80s were known as a big blockbuster decade, The Electric Film Series opted to go against the grain when choosing a selection from this particular era of films and focus on a devastatingly effective character-driven drama starring legendary British actors John Hurt and Anthony Hopkins. “The Elephant Man” is the true story of John Merrick (Hurt), a physically deformed man who is given an entirely new lease on life by Frederick Treves (Hopkins), a Victorian surgeon who learns the true meaning of compassion by way of his powerful bond with a warm, gentle, and incredibly intelligent individual whose outward appearance led to a very hard life. Shot in gorgeous black and white and set in late 19th century London, this stunning movie was directed by the great cinematic surrealist, David Lynch. Known for edgier fare like “Blue Velvet,” “The Lost Highway,” and “Eraserhead,” “The Elephant Man” is, perhaps, the most accessible film of Lynch’s career. With it, he’s fashioned an emotional powerhouse of a motion picture experience that fittingly embraces empathy above all else. It should also be noted that Hurt and Hopkins deliver some of the best work of their respective careers in an authentic, deeply moving film you won’t soon forget.
“The Elephant Man” will include a special guest intro by gifted southern Utah-based actor/director, Dean Jones (“Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?,” “Bright Star,” “James and the Giant Peach,” “Death Trap,” etc.) Jones is quite the fan of “The Elephant Man,” so much so that he’s also committed to lead what is sure to be a very insightful post-screening discussion.
As an added bonus, “The Elephant Man” will be preceded by a new 18-minute short film from Cedar City-based storyteller, Caleb Hatton. This picturesque drama was shot on location in Real de Catorce (located in the Central Mexican state of San Luis Potosi), and while thematically, this short is very much its own thing, we feel it’s a good match for “The Elephant Man” because both Lynch and Hatton are visual artists who march to the beat of their own drum.
Be sure to arrive at the screening a little early and order a delicious optional food item. Meals will be available for consumption immediately following the film during the post-screening discussion or, feel free to take it home with you.

See the trailer to the film HERE

More Information
Tuesday August 17, 2021
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM
The Electric Theater 68 E Tabernacle St,
St. George, UT 84770
Film and Media Alliance of Southern Utah (FMASU) (435) 229-8720