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Red Rock Haunt brings you an unforgettable Halloween experience. With open dates set for Sept. 12 – Nov 4, this is Utah’s newest Halloween attraction. Haunted houses are a popular fall activity across the country; but, unlike your typical pumpkin farm, Red Rock Haunt focus exclusively on acting & special effects to send shivers down your spine.
Plan on seeing a circus of horror, towering castle walls, and dark dungeons within Red Rock Haunt. Housed entirely inside a 8,000 sq ft tent, our artisans are busy creating a highly detailed and life-like realm of terror. Setting foot inside will be like stepping into another world where you can face your biggest fears.
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Directions: Take I-15 to Exit 2. You can’t miss it. Red Rock Haunt will be inside the massive white tent next to Terrible Herbst in south St. George.
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Friday September 13, 2019
7:00 PM
$13- Express Tickets