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Blue Grass in Utah?
The Native Grass Band is from Southwest Utah. Native Grass writes and performs their own original music in a Bluegrass style with Western influences. Creative compositions and unique vocals and instrumentals, Native Grass offers a fresh and exciting take in their interpretation of Bluegrass music. Lindsey Short is on Banjo and vocals, JD Thompson holds down the Bass and vocals, Dave Holder handles the Six String and vocals, and Walter Josey with the Mandolin and vocals. These blend of musicians, along with a distinctive approach to creative original songs, makes hearing Native Grass and special musical experience.

The Native Grass Band is:

Walter Josey – Mandolin, Vocals
Walter started out playing and singing soft rock ballads on guitar until he went to his first Bluegrass jam in his mid-40s. Totally immersed in the baptismal waters of Traditional Bluegrass, he picked up the Mandolin as a second instrument and never looked back. Once song writing took hold, he writes much of the original material for Native Grass. Staying true to Traditional Bluegrass influences, his songs and tunes spin a yarn, and tell a tale. to the backdrop of a flatpick guitar, the roll of a banjo, the cry of a fiddle and the sweet tones of the mandolin.

JD Thompson – Bass, Vocals
JD is a veteran Bass player with many years of playing Bass in Bands ranging from Country to Rock ‘n Roll. After spending the past six years in a foreign country playing for a Costa Rican Country Band (I know, it’s hard to picture exactly what that might look like), JD is back home, and back to his roots, thump’n the ole Dog House Bass and holding down the bottom end of a Bluegrass tune. JD can “Cash” it out on vocals, so if your a fan of the “Man in Black” JD can haul the mail.

Dave Holder – Guitar, Vocals
Dave is a guitar virtuoso when it comes to cool rhythms and tasty leads. He also is the “High Lonesome Sound” in Native Grass when it comes to Bluegrass vocals. Dave started out right, learning guitar flatpicking in his early years. He soon learned that he was never going to get rich playing Bluegrass, so he slid on over to Country Swing, then straight out Blues, and Classic Rock. He’s got the chops that fer sure. Dave quickly figured out after 30 years of doing that, he wasn’t getting any richer, so, the Bluegrasser inside him came a call’n, and he’s dug in, and ain’t goin’ no where’s, except pick’n and grinin’ and singin’ with Bluegrass soul.

Lindsey Short – Banjo, Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, Bass, Vocals
Lindsey is a musician out of St. George, UT. Now 21 yrsold, she has been playing music since she was 4, and is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, as well as a lead vocalist. Lindsey has been in multiple professional bands over the years as well. At age 11, she played for a Western Swing Band until she was 14, and after that played in Country, Folk & Bluegrass Bands. Lindsey has been to Nashville, TN on a few occasions to attend, play, and instruct at Chet Atkins style guitar conventions. Lindsey picks a mean Scruggs Style Banjo for Native Grass that’s tried, true and “bonified.”

Zach Short – Upright Bass
Zach is 18yrs old and has loved music all of his life. He showed interest in playing the piano at a very young age and became very fluent in Ragtime piano music. Over the years he has expanded his musical abilities by learning the Drums and Bass. He has experience with many genres and is very versatile which shows how talented a musician he is. Zach is very self-motivated and spends much of his time practicing and researching new ways to play music. Zach plays Bass with Native Grass when JD is missing in action. Zach adds his personal creativity with unique Bluegrass Bass lines in Band’s music.

Jon Stone – Guitar, Fiddle, Bass
Born in Texas, educated in Kentucky, refined in Louisiana, Jon Stone is multi-instrumentalist, musician, vocalist. Picking up his first instrument at 15yrsold Jon quickly became a well known name in the Houston music scene. During Jon’s college years in Kentucky he took up the fiddle and emersed in Appalacian native Appalachian music and, he began his studies of the violin. In 2008, Stone moved to southern Louisiana and formed a national touring band where he was a featured singer, mandolinist, and violinist. Blending rock, gypsy, folk, blues and jazz – the group toured the continental United States. Stone collaborated with grammy nominated musician Cedric Watson and formed an old timey harmony group featuring fiddle and banjo. Currently focusing on acoustic music, Stone is known for playing mandolin, violin, guitar, and banjo (or whatever instrument he can get his hands on).

Saturday April 13, 2019
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
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